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-------> Educational Year Ranking 2020 / 2021 <-------


The identification number to protect the privacy of children's personal data was communicated by the facility at the time of submitting the application.

The rankings are formulated according to the following order:

- Those who, following the presentation of certificates issued by the Social-Health Services of the area, demonstrate the existence of serious problems of a medical-psychological nature of the child and / or of the family cohabitation nucleus. Economic and social problems documented also through self-certifications will be subject to verification by the competent bodies of the Municipal Administration;
- Children with one or more siblings already attending the nursery school;
- Children with a single parent (single mother or young father, widower / a) who actually lives alone with the child;
- Children with both working parents.

On equal terms, the admission priority will be granted to the application for registration received by the Municipality and registered with a lower number. Applications from citizens not resident in the Municipality of Bra can be accepted on condition that the requests of the residents have been fully satisfied.

Time to complete the procedure: the update of the ranking takes place monthly, in the case of availability of places, the update is carried out within 15 days.