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Perhaps it is the first time that the entire municipal administration has joined together to appeal to citizenship. But it is the first time that we find ourselves facing such a particular situation as the one that sees us facing an enemy like Covid19.

 We are going through one of the most difficult periods of our civil coexistence and we can only get out of it if each one of us, each one, does his small or large part to which he is called. We comply with the requirements of health personnel, law enforcement, military and all those involved along the chain of command of the various civil protection functions.

The small part that is asked of each of us, at this moment, is just being at home. It would be nice to take a walk on our avenues, along the slopes of the hills that surround the city, in our countryside. The same would be true for those who want to pedal and enjoy a city where cars are in the garage more than usual. However, it is at another time. Today we have to stay home.

We ask you as your representatives, as your fellow citizens, as friends and relatives of many of you, because we take care of our and your health, as well as that of all our loved ones, especially if more exposed to dangers, such as the elderly. and sick people.

Limiting travel as much as possible, if not for work reasons or for absolutely undelayable reasons, is the main weapon we have available today.

For this reason, we ask all the people of Braida to scrupulously comply with the appeals that come from the health authorities. Our ancestors went to war with a rifle to defend the things they held dearest. We are asked, to win this equally insidious war, only to stay at home.
We also ask you, as a further small contribution, to spread this appeal to all your acquaintances.

Help yourself and help us.

The mayor of Bra Gianni Fogliato, the city councilors Massimo Borrelli, Anna Brizio, Lucilla Ciravegna, Biagio Conterno, Luciano Messa, the city councilors Livio Asteggiano, Iman Babakhali, Mara Basso, Fabio Bailo, Luca Cravero, Marco Ellena, Evelina Gemma, Annalisa Genta, Marina Isu, Maria Milazzo, Giuliana Mossino, Sergio Panero, Bruna Sibille, Francesco Testa, Raimondo Testa, Davide Tripodi.