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Activated in the 2008 takes place every day of the week at the 3 educational facilities based on the availability of the seats, it provides for the welcome of children of 18-36 months without the presence of family or parental figures, as the children are welcomed by the staff educational and included in the group of other children; the custody is guaranteed by the educational staff of the services.

Currently the attendance of the Giocanido is subordinate to the availability of seats and reserved to children who regularly attend the Noah's Ark; represents a first socialization experience in anticipation of the beginning of the School of Infancy. The service is activated from Monday to Friday from 8,30 to 12,30. The daily cost is 18 euro per day, including meal. It is possible to purchase the bills for attendance at the Bureau.

The service must be made by booking, every single user can use the service for no more than 10 days per month during the days and opening of Nursing and Micronis services.

Children who do not need to attend the Nest, because they are entrusted with the care of their grandparents, can attend the Giocanido for a moment of relationship with the peers and at the same time their grandparents know they can have some free morning to devote themselves to their activities .