Download this file (Notice of LLPP-1.pdf written tests admitted)Notice LLPP-1.pdf written tests allowed[Results of the pre-selection test and evidence diary_21.11.19]554 kB
Download this file (competition announcement n.2 Technical Steering Instructor LL.PP..pdf)competition announcement n.2 Technical Steering Instructor LL.PP..pdf[The competition notice]6669 kB
Download this file (LL.PP.pdf final result)Final outcome LL.PP.pdf[Final result LL.PP]1058 kB
Download this file (written test result.pdf)Written test result[Written test result and oral date_301119]378 kB
Download this file (N 2 LL.PP Technical Steering Instructor - pre-selection test.pdf)N 2 Instructor Technical Director LL.PP - pre-selection test.pdf[Admitted pre-selection test and test diary]1141 kB