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As indicated by map of the Region on the trend of the contagion in Piedmont (last update 3 December), there are 371 domiciled in Bra currently positive for coronavirus.

He was riding his bicycle on the cycle path of Viale Madonna dei Fiori when crossing the road he collided with a car that was engaging the intersection correctly; the motorist immediately alerted the rescue and two patrols of the Municipal Police arrived on the spot to carry out the necessary surveys and regulate the traffic near the intersection of the Santo Spirito hospital. A few moments later the ambulance of the medical aid arrived on site to provide the cyclist with first aid. The Municipal agents subjected both drivers to the control of the alcohol level as required by the Highway Code: while for the driver of the Volkswagen Polo the rate was zero, the bicycle driver was found to have an alcohol content higher than 4 times the limit of 0.50 grams per liter permitted by law; for this reason, the cyclist was deferred in a state of freedom to the judicial authority for the crimes of driving under the influence of alcohol and for causing a road accident under the state of intoxication. The bicycle driver reported injuries that healed within a week.

The experimentation has started, announced in recent months, for access only after online booking at Pollenzo collection center, recently completely renovated. The new operating mode, also suggested by the Piedmont Region given the epidemiological emergency and aimed at improving the quality of the service, can be used by connecting to the place, in the "reservations" area . Users will be able to register and choose the day and time (with a time slot of 15 minutes) to book access to the collection center in an exclusive and guaranteed way. The surveillance staff - being called to interact each time with a single user - will be able to advise more accurately the correct separation of waste, with consequent improvement of the quality of incoming and outgoing materials, in a process in complete safety and without gatherings.

The first activities foreseen by the "Let me Do" project are underway in Bra, included in the "FamigliARE - Actions, Relations, Experiences to create a community" program of the CRC Foundation, with the aim of creating territorial participation paths and supporting families through actions to promote well-being and quality of life.

Download this file (FAMILY LAB.pdf)FAMILY LAB.pdf[the poster of the Family Lab]2346 kB

Book a book and pick it up at the Civic Library, while still observing anti-Covid regulations. From 7 December it will also be possible in Bra, at the premises of Via Guala 45, thanks to the activation of the new take away loan service, which is currently starting in various Italian civic libraries.