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At the 7 ° meeting of the Peace School, which will be held at Bra Wednesday 13 April at 21, at the Conference Room of the Cultural Center "G. Arpino ", via E. Guala 45, titled" Salvador to 25 years from the death of Mons. Romero "we will listen to the testimony of Father Benito TOBAR, a Salvadoran priest who has met and collaborated with Monseñor Romero.

With the project "Do the Right Thing!" Continues the collaboration of the City of Bra with the Upper School Institutes in the area of ​​vocational guidance and postgraduate education. Bra's "Guala" Technical Institute has joined the initiative by planning, for its students in the wings, four meetings that will engage the counselors of orientation of the Active Political Service of Communal Work with the aim of offering the children view of the completion of the higher education cycle, cognitive tools and deepening of the labor market and opportunities of the local production context, through the analysis of the professional figures required.

It was officially registered in the regional register of legal persons, the Politeama Foundation-Piedmont Theater of Bra. The Piedmont Region's Heritage and Technical Directorate has been communicated to him, which has determined the eligibility of the institution, which deals with the management of Piazza Carlo Alberto's theater, with its determination no. 392 31 March 2005.

The SuperStraBra 2005 edition, the street walk for the city that will have an exceptional guest this year, extinguishes the twelve-year-old candlelight: the Siderno championship, Francesco Panetta, unforgettable world champion 87 and 90 in the 3000 hedges. With him, Sunday 10 April 2005, from the slag in front of the Savings House in Via Principi di Piemonte, at the 9 in the morning and accompanied by notes of the band "Giuseppe Verdi" Bra will leave the racers, engaged in a race gives the right equilibrium of sport, want to be together and solidarity, an element that from the first edition connotes the treble appointment. Through the sale of the pettors, the fundraising is used to enhance the socio-medical fabric, the purchase of medical equipment or the recovery of the artistic heritage of the city (the first edition was the restoration of the church of San Rocco).

Opportunities for companies in the Carmagnola-Bra industrial district. In the framework of the "Promotion of female participation in the labor market", the Municipality of Carmagnola (head of the district committee) proposed to encourage those actions that by introducing flexible measures for employees (in the organizational structure or hours), promote reconciliation between work responsibilities and family responsibilities, encouraging the spread of corporate social responsibility.