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No payment to the Braune's Bureau of Economics for the last three days of the year. To proceed with the closure of the 2004 accounting year, the City Hall office will not accept payments on days from 29 to 31 in December.

Bra changes in the "door to door" collection of waste at the upcoming holidays. No means of operation on Christmas Day, with the collection of waste postponed to Monday 27 December. I'm leaving for Saturday, January 1st, 2005, with the collection being made on Monday, the next January 3.

They will be over fifteen hundred and will experiment for the first time electronic voting. It is the electoral body of the Bra Councils Council for the first time that it will elect its representatives using a new tool and will provide the municipality with a real-time bribery to travel the data on the internet.

Changes at the timetable of the Bra Council's Consumer Desk at the end of the year's holidays. For Christmas and Holiday Period, the door will be closed from 24 December 2004 to 6 January 2005, resuming regularly on Friday 7 January.

Dr. Ettore Scotese will be titled "The Hall of Minerals and Earth Science" of the Jewish Museum of Natural Sciences "Ettore and Federico Craveri" of Bra. The decision matured after Dr. Scotese's wife, Mrs. Huguette Coulaudon, had decided to donate to the Rudid Museum the mineralogical collection her husband, director, painter, writer and collector had collected over the years with exhibits acquired in every part of the world.