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It was a great party for the concert last Saturday, 23 October 2004, by the students of the Civic Institute Musical "Adolfo Gandino" Bra who had graduated in the last school year at the State Conservatives.
On an evening dominated by the classical repertoire and that took place in the suggestive setting of the Choir of Santa Chiara, the part of the lion was the pianist Eva Carazzolo, who arrived at the end of the studies after the preparation made at "Gandino" with Antonella Bonardi .
In what had to be the essay at the beginning of the school year for the Beethoven Music Institute, the young pianist gave evidence of virtuosity and technique, with two challenging songs that opened and closed the concert.

Part Saturday 6 November, with an exceptional lecture open to the public, the jazz improvisation course organized within the activities of the Civic Institute Musical "Adolfo Gandino" by Bra.
At 15, in the Auditorium of the Institute in Parpera 6, Professor Giuseppe Bima will, at a time intended to become a true story, tell the secrets and techniques for improvising at jazz pace, strong even with a 'Multi-year experience that led him to accompany piano Joy Sen and Christine Oppedisan as well as collaborating in writing and recording work numbers to accompany documentaries or commercial work. Entry is free.
After this first lesson, the course will start regularly for all students in November. (Rg)

Meeting in City Hall this morning, Thursday 21 October 2004, Bra between Mayor Camillo Scimone and his deputy Giovanni Comoglio with the pool of professionals who will curate the drafting of the new city plan. Professor Franco Mellano, Professor of Urbanism at the Faculty of Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino, Professor Carlo Alberto Barbieri, Professor of Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico of Turin, Enio Matassi, an expert in landscaping and environmental policies, and architect Giuseppe Carità of the Saia Engineering study in Turin.

It is convened Thursday 28 October 2004 at 18,00, in the conference room of the cultural multifunctional center "Giovanni Arpino", the council of Bra.
On the agenda some urban and municipal budget resolutions, as well as the adoption of the European Commission's White Paper - A new impetus for European youth, promulgated by the European Commission on youth policies.

A weekend in Switzerland at the end of November to visit the unique Christmas markets in the Zürich area. Due to a twinning relationship that lasts for almost twenty years, from Friday 26 to Sunday, 28 November, the City Council of Bra organizes a visit to the Spreitenbach Swiss town.