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At the request of the Bra neighborhoods committees, starting on February 15, green harvesting will be restored according to the following conditions: in the days and places set for twenty-four hours a green box will be available in which waste can be deposited of the garden, pruning, lawns and dry leaves.

It ended with a conference that was held last Saturday, 12 February 2005, in the magical classroom of the Villafranca Piemonte (To) media school, the series of commemoration commemorations of the 60th anniversary of the killing of Ennio and Ettore Carando brothers , braids and protagonists of the Resistance. After weeks of revelation by the councilor of Relations with Armed Forces and Arms of the City of Bra, Claudio Lacertosa, he had placed commemorative crowns on the Carando family tomb at the Bra cemetery and at the tombstone on the Municipal Palace of Villafranca Piemonte, where the two brothers were killed in February of '45, the Saturday conference allowed to outline with greater clarity the importance of the figure of the two characters in the partisan movement.

A 19 7 2005 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX occurred on February XNUMX in a road accident in Cuneo, near the new roundabout, between a Chinese-owned WX bicycle and a Fiat Tempra by CL Illeso, the Tempra driver, while having to resort to Bra's First Aid Care BX driver and his PJ passenger accidentally injured injuries in a few days. On the spot was asked for the intervention of a Braidese Municipal Police Patrol to make the summaries of what happened.

The wait for Cheese's return is great: the 2003 edition had outstanding results. Then 155.000 visitors, 4.000 students attended the teaching activities, 2.640 attendance at the Taste Laboratories, 19.000 in the Great Room where 36.000 wine bottles were sealed and quintals of cheese, 140 exhibitors from Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom and 40 Presidents from Italy, Denmark, Great Britain, Greece, Russia, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.
Cheese-The forms of milk in Bra have become an event to mark on the agenda for those who want to know better the rich variety of products the dairy industry can offer worldwide.

On March 1st, it is possible to apply for a municipal application for access to regional contributions to the removal of architectural barriers in private buildings. He announces a note from the Piedmont Region sent these days to the Bra Council, which explains how the contribution, provided by the 13 62 and 1989 regional laws, can be disbursed.