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At the 17 hours, at the Hall of the City Council of Bra, the presentation of the dvd Pollenzo was held. A new village, testimony for images of the work of retrieval and retraining of the archaeological wonders of the town of Pollenzo - Bra. Participants in the presentation were the Archbishop's Supervisor of the Piedmont Marina Sapelli, the Mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone, the Councilor for Culture of the City of Bra Michelino Davico, the Councilor for Public Works Gianfranco Dallorto, the curator of the research and restoration project of Pollenzo Maria Cristina Preacco and the producer of the dvd Marco Ferrero.

The Civic Library will also be among the Bra stars of the "White Night", with its specific activity. This is what the "Courtyard of the Courtyard" event, which, on its 10th anniversary, offers a 30-hour uninterrupted tour of gastronomy, entertainment, culture and discovery, including a "white night "Between Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September 2005.

During the event "Cheese - Milk Forms", the separate collection service of the "vegetable fraction" will not be carried out. The green waste, which would have to be collected from the calendar on Saturday 17 and Monday 19 September, will be picked up the following week, namely Saturday 24 and Monday 26 September 2005.

Thirty hours without a stop in the gastronomy, entertainment, culture and discovery of the territory. This is the rich menu that offers Bra (Cn) "Courtyard Courtyard" which, on its 10th anniversary, wanted to give a "white night" between Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September 2005.

Cuneo provincial engineers will design a major project for the enlargement of the Bra-Cherasco road, which is part of a more comprehensive road-repair of an area between the cities of Zizzola and Narzole. To decide this Wednesday 14 September 2005, a working table attended by the mayors of Bra, Camillo Scimone, and Cherasco, Pier Luigi Ghigo, and the Provincial Councilors for Public Works, Giovanni Negro, to the Territorial Planning, Enrico Bologna , and the Budget, Giuseppe Rosciano. Also present are municipal councilors Russo, Dallorto, Balestra (Bra) and Bogetti (Cherasco), Provincial Councilor Fiorenzo Prever, plus a representation of entrepreneurs and residents in the area.