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The separate collection service of the "vegetable fraction" will be performed on a Saturday and Monday to month, all year round. Green wastes will be picked up on specific dates on Saturdays for the area of ​​Historic Center, Bescurone, Oltreferrovia, Conca d'Oro, Valle Chiara Fey and Pollenzo, while the service will be delivered on Mondays in the Madonna Fiori district as well as in the fractions of San Michele, San Matteo and Bandito.

Piedmont is preparing to host a great gastronomic event. The Italian Master Pastry Masters Academy has chosen our region to organize the 13th edition of the National Public Symposium to be held in Bra - Pollenzo from 14 to 16 November 2005.

The afternoon will be closed by the Verbal Office of the Municipal Police Commission of Braids. From Monday 7 November 2005, the structure of Via Moffa of Lisio will be open to the public in 8 15-12: 15 only, Monday to Saturday with the exception of midweek holidays. The reason for the reduction is determined by the need for the City Municipal Police to use an extra agent for land control. (Rg)
During a regular vigilance service in the center of Bra, two local municipal police officers noticed a car in the park whose front license plate did not match the rear seat. A number has been altered to make it different, belonging to another car. It was therefore taken the accessory penalty for the car's administrative stop for three months. In addition, the alien plate was seized and the owner was denounced to the Procuratorate of the Republic of Alba for fake.

The City of Bra has launched a public selection to form a ranking where to draw in case of fixed-term recruitment of "Technical Accounting Instructors" (category C). The degree program required is the degree of Accountant, Accountant Accountant, Business Accountant, Company Accountant, Accounting Analyst, Business Management Technician or Maturity at the end of the Igea, Erica or Mercury trials.