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Adult meetings on the theme "Family, relationships and conflict management" continue in Bra, an initiative promoted by the Council of Family Policies of the Municipality of Bra and by psychologists, psychotherapists, pedagogists and mediators.

It was the occasion to gather pupils, families, citizens and municipal administration on a festive afternoon with the title of the primary school of Veneria di Bra to Don Lorenzo Milani, the Barbiana teacher priest. The ceremony, which took place on Tuesday, 26 in November, in Remembrance Avenue, and later in Europe, saw the intervention of Mayor Bruna Sibille, Regional Councilor for Education Alberto Cirio, Head of Silvana Manna Second Circuit and President of the regional forum for education and the school of Piedmont Domenico Chiesa.

Mishka is a young hedgehog who loves watching the clouds and taking care of nature. He is the protagonist of the animated reading "Mishka Carefree", which on Monday 2 December will accompany the children from three to seven years in his magical world, made of woods and animals. To conduct the lab, scheduled for 17 at the civic library of Bra, will be Stregatocacolor.

Christmas is at the door and Bra waits for him in music. Concerts continue in the city's most beautiful churches, anticipated by free guided tours to baroque jewels in the city, including the sacred place where the notes will enliven the audience. The next appointment is for Sunday 8 December: for those who wish to tour the city, appointment at 15 in front of the Municipal Palace, in Caduti Square for Freedom. At 16 the visit will end at the church of Santa Chiara, with a double concert that will play on stage sax and piano played by Alberto Marchisio and Fabio Gorlier and flute and piano, played by Carla Bongiovanni and Eva Carazzolo. In the church of Via Barbacana the serenades of Bencrisciutto and Clerisse, sonatas of Bach and Donizettim and the "Fantaisie" by Fauré and Doppler will resound. Both the guided tour and the concert of the "Voxes Choir" are free entrance, until the seats are exhausted.

Companies that have produced, processed and / or marketed wine products for the period running from 1 August 2012 to 31 July 2013 must submit, by 31 January 2014, the Declaration of Viticultural Viticulture Companies. The Piedmont Region informs that this statement "may and must be made available using the information system of the site of the Piedmont Region, on the page of the Vitivinic Observatory".