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The two creative workshops scheduled for the 4 and 5 July 2018 in Palazzo Traversa di Bra are dedicated to herbs and aromatic plants to offer children aged 6 and 12 years the opportunity to spend their holiday in a creative way.

The "animated readings" do not go on vacation. The billboard continues, dedicated to animals and their habitats, launched in June, with appointments on Monday afternoons, at 17, in the garden of the "Craveri" Natural History Museum in Bra.

After the debut of early summer in Piazza Caduti for Freedom, the traveling exhibition "Heart of the city" continues, which, every Thursday evening, brings the art cinema to neighborhoods and hamlets of Bra. Thursday 28 June 2018 will be the district of Oltreferrovia to host, in the green area of ​​via Piumati, the film under the stars "Assassination on the Orient Express".

A representation of the renewed board of directors of the Alpine Group of Bra was received by the city council Tuesday 26 on June 2018. Leading the delegation of "black pens" the new leader, Antonino Ciancia, who recently took over from Carlo Cogno.

Two young braidesi, a twenty-year-old multi-judge with specific precedents and an eighteen-year-old who was also prejudiced, were transferred to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Asti for freedom in receiving stolen goods. The investigations of the Braidese Municipal Police Command were taken last month following the discovery of a stolen Alfa Romeo 147. By examining the vehicle, the agents had acquired essential elements for the investigation.