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28 march 2019 meets on Thursday at 17.30, the municipal council of Bra convened by President Biagio Conterno in the “Achille Carando” room, on the ground floor of the municipal building. On the agenda, after the questions and two motions for motions, there will be a partial variant and a simplified version of the municipal General Regulatory Plan, the guidelines of the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan and a provision relating to building housing procedures. During the session, the acquisition of land for the housing of a new well, the new regulation for the stipulation of contracts and the incorporation into the State Road of portions of road used for public use will also be discussed. It will be possible to follow the City Council live streaming on the website www.comune.bra.cn.it (direct link: https://bit.ly/2AzMVWm) and subsequently deferred on the YouTube channel of the Municipality of Bra. (Em)

Common payments to Bra increasingly "smart": the institution, among the first in the province of Cuneo and in Piedmont, adheres to Piemonte Pay, the portal of the Piedmont Region through which you can pay bills, taxes or make other payments due to the Public Administration.

On Friday 22 March 2019, from 00.00 to 24, a provincial-scale strike is called for waste collection and urban hygiene workers. In Bra the initiative could concern the staff of the Energetikambiente company that takes care of the waste collection on the municipal territory on behalf of the Consorzio Albese Braidese Servizi Rifiuti (CoABSeR).

Hoppiness: From the Earth to the Beer. From Friday 29 to Sunday 31 March 2019 at the Movicentro in Bra (Piazza Caduti di Nassiriya) three days dedicated to craft beers, local cuisine, wines and meetings and tastings. An event organized by the Food and Wine Cultural Association in collaboration with the City of Bra and participation in the My Personal Beer Corner project and the Vinibuoni d'Italia guide published by the Italian Touring Club.

From the land to the beer, because Hoppiness will be an opportunity to taste labels that are able to tell more and more about the territories from which they are born, with an ever shorter supply chain that is attentive to the use of local specialties, up to the almost total self-production in the case of agricultural brewing realities. Not only labels to taste and buy but also insights on raw materials and processing activities (barley, hops, malt house) that increasingly contribute to shorten the supply chain, as well as workshops, meetings and guided tastings in collaboration with the My Personal project Beer Corner.

Three days full of taste, with 10 craft breweries from Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, 2 kitchens that offer dishes with local products, from Bra Sausage to Prosciutto Crudo Dop, music, and animations also for children, with the tales of Gullino's project "The Adventures of Kiwito and Galita", dedicated to healthy eating.

Hoppiness also opens a window on the world of wine, thanks to the presence of a selection of labels edited by the Vinibuoni d'Italia guide published by the Italian Touring Club. A tribute to the Roero with local wines, sparkling wines from an autochthonous vine and a series of interesting and curious tasting moments dedicated to the comparison with Italian Grape Ale, beers produced according to the Classic Method and refined in wood, to appreciate the analogies and distinctive features.

The event will open with the delivery by FoodAround, the City of Bra and GAI of the award to Andrea Turco, for the over 10 years of communication work on the world of craft beer of the Cronache di Birra blog, and with the special tasting SPARKLING LAND - Effervescent aperitif, from 18 to 20 on Friday, which combines the craft beers present with sparkling wines from the native vine.

Entry to the event is free and the opening times are:

Friday 29 March - 18-24 hours
Saturday 30 March - 16-24 hours
Sunday 31 March - 12-22 hours

The event will take place inside the Movicentro of Bra (CN), adjacent to the city railway station, with entrances from Piazza Carabinieri fallen to Nassirya and Forces di Pace. Event partners: GAI - bottling machines, Gullino Group, Rastal, Eat Piedmont.

Info, complete program and registration for guided tastings on www.foodarounditaly.it.

The theme appointments of the civic library "Giovanni Arpino" in Bra for children are growing. Last week the new cycle of readings in English "Magic English" began in collaboration with the students of the "Giolitti-Gandino" linguistic high school.