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Crisis of readers? Not to Bra. This is what the statistics produced by the Civic Library of the City of Zizzola say about the number of loans made last year. In 2004 the number of volumes left by the Guala structure rose from the 28.098 of the 2003 to the 28.483 assembly. Of these, most were provided to pupils (21.079) and students (2.852) followed by employees (1.189, with the highest absolute growth), retired (616), teachers (550) and housewives (545) . The crown of the Civic Library of Braids is traditionally the lending activity in more decentralized schools. In 119 visits to primary and primary school institutions, 8.197 volumes have been lent (they had been 7.966 in the twelve months of 2003).

"We must not give so much certainty, but only one: the certainty that there is only uncertainty." Here is an example of the word games that Alessandro Bergonzoni will propose at the Teatro Politeama of Bra on Wednesday 4 May 2005 in the last appointment with the first official season of the renewed theatrical theater. "Preparing for the Deadly (Part One: The Unheard of)", this is the title of the show that, as usual for the istrionic actor in Bologna, will play everything on a truly uncontrollable verbal proliferation but will be able to "say" more than an ingenious and formal speech. All seasoned by a fast and frenetic rhythm that accentuates the musicality of anacid and verse.

Until the 24 July 2005 will be in Biella, under the exhibition "On the Woolen Thread", the funeral stew of Q. Varisidius Naso, purpurarius (dye), found in Pollenzo and kept at the Civic Museum of Palazzo Traversa in Bra. The exhibition, planned at the Museo del Territorio Biellese, is curated by the famous historian of art Philippe Daverio and is developed through the history of wool in art and industry, from the Neolithic to the contemporary, with three separate sections both for the content for the container: the myth, the imagination, the factory.

Bra's meeting with school leaders of municipal institutions and representatives of the municipal administration with the aim of drawing up the school calendar next year. In the presence of the councilor at the Cultural Resources of the City of Bra, Michelino Davico, in the Municipal Palace the leaders of the braids have agreed a program that opens the school year on Monday 12 September 2005. The lessons will end on Friday 16 and on Saturday 17 September at the "Cheese" event on Monday, 31 October for the Ognissanti Bridge, while the Christmas holidays will depart on Saturday 24 December and end on Sunday 8 January 2006.

Exchange of Archives between the Towns of Bra and Pocapaglia. Archivist Roberta Audenino, assigned by both government departments to carry out the reorganization of their respective historical archives, noted that there were documents relating to the Municipality of Bra in the archive of Pocapaglia and vice versa. The error was probably due to the period between 6 May 1928 and 29 March 1946, when the Town of Pocapaglia was annexed to Bra.