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Bra's "Night of the Museums" was a real success. Included in the thousands of activities offered by the 2005 edition of the "Children's Book Salon", more than 200 people participated in the activities offered by the two civic museums, the "Craveri" of natural history and "Palazzo Traversa" for art and archeology , and from the Municipal Library from 19: 30 until midnight on Saturday 21 May.

After starting a current account to raise funds in cities in favor of populations affected by the 26 2004 December XNUMX toll in South East Asia, the Bra Municipal Administration has decided to end the operations these days.

Prize ceremony yesterday morning, 19 May 2005, at the Children's Book Show, students who participated in the environmental education project: "Energina - a common idea that saves every morning", realized by the City of Bra in collaboration with Elyo Italia, an energy and environment management company.

Three meetings to present the opportunities provided by regional law n.24 / 1997. It has organized the Committee of the Carmagnola-Bra Industrial District at Sommariva del Bosco, Ceresole d'Alba and Carmagnola. The first meeting, reserved for companies in the metal industry, will be available on Tuesday 31 May at 20: 45 at the conference room of the Sommariva Boscon School Avenue, the second Wednesday 15 June at 20: 45 in the Ceresole Town Hall wood-furniture companies. Last appointment on Monday 20 June in Carmagnola, in the museum hall of Parco Cascina Vigna, always at 20: 45 and dedicated to agro-food companies. The District Committee chose to meet companies by sector and type of product in order to favor the meeting with a view to the presentation of possible unitary projects, but if there were companies in other sectors or the date chosen was not practicable It is possible to join in the evenings already planned.

It will take place Saturday, 28 May 2005 at 21, at Teatro Politeama, the inauguration concert of the brass band and wind band of the Civic Institute Musical "Adolfo Gandino" by Bra.
The professor Alessandro Caruana will be on stage for the brass quintet, with students Luca Tagliapietra and Giacomo Sacco, who will be appreciated with the virtuosity of the trumpet and Professor Marco Tosello, with students Marco Gallo and Giovanni Mollo who will perform at the horn , and also Marco Bossolasco who will be engaged in the bass tubing.