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Sono, stranamente, docili i lupi protagonisti dell'appuntamento con Nati per leggere di lunedì 22 gennaio 2018: con l'associazione “Voci di mamme”, la lettura “Storie di lupi… buoni”, nella sala ragazzi della Biblioteca civica di Bra è in programma alle 17.

To guarantee the immediate release - within 24 hours from the request - of the certifications for the presentation of nominations for the 4 March 2018 elections, the electoral office of the Municipality of Bra will remain open Sunday 28 and Monday 29 January 2018, scheduled days for submission of applications, from 8 to 20. The Electoral Office will remain open in the days before: Thursday 25 from 15 to 16, Friday 26 from 14 to 17, Saturday 27 from 9 to 12 and 14 to 17. Further information can be found in the Services and Procedural / Electoral section of the website, by calling the 0172.438386 number or by writing to

Info: City of Bra - Electoral Office
tel. 0172.438287 -

How was it written in ancient times? What were the supports on which you could write and with which tools? At the Civic Museum of Archeology, history and art of Palazzo Traversa, it will be possible to retrace the history of writing on Sunday, 28 January 2018, from stone to clay and wax tablets, papyrus and parchment to the paper we usually use.

Double event dedicated to two famous characters of children's fairy tales, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, with Nati to read at the "Giovanni Arpino" public library of Bra. Monday 15 January 2018, the adventure of the girl with the red cape will be narrated by Stregatoccacolor.

It is scheduled for Monday 22 January 2018 in the premises of Via Serra n. 9 in Bra a presentation meeting of the evening courses of computer science promoted by the CPIA (Provincial Center for Adult Education) that will begin in the coming weeks.