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The transition to the reorganization of the new waste contract continues in Bra, which will officially come into force in the city starting from 4 February 2019. In view of this deadline, on Monday 26 November the informative meetings will take place on the territory: nine appointments open to the citizens and spread over the entire urban area, involving all the neighborhoods and hamlets of the city, for a widespread campaign aimed at illustrate the details of the new management. Among the topics that will be discussed during the evenings - all beginning at 18 - the use of the conforming bag for undifferentiated waste, the revision of the zones and the collection frequencies, the use of new containers for the conferment of paper and the extension of the home collection of mowing and pruning.

Download this file (locandina_incontri informativi rifiuti_bra.pdf)locandina_incontri informativi rifiuti_bra.pdf[The calendar of meetings]576 kB

Among characters, and little animals, that have something to teach, continue the animated readings of the project "Born to read" that every Monday welcomes small readers in the children's room of the "Giovanni Arpino" civic library of Bra.

The November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, established in the 1999 by the UN General Assembly. On the occasion of the anniversary, Bra also promotes some moments of deepening and awareness. In particular, just Sunday 25 in Via Cavour will be open to "Voci nel Silenzio", a setting with a strong dramatic and emotional impact, consisting of numerous silhouettes of women, to represent experiences of violence suffered and really experienced. The purple colored silhouettes will tell the stories of women who lost their lives because of violence, the white ones the testimonies of women who, with the support of the services present on the territory, managed to denounce their situation and end the violence they suffered . The initiative is organized by the Municipal Council of Equal Opportunities that, during the morning, will be present in Via Cavour together with the "Mai + Sole" Association, to provide information and distribute material.

A complete census will be launched in the next few days on the occupations of public land and on advertising signs in the municipal territory, for the purpose of verifying the regular discharge of the related municipal taxes. The activity will be carried out on the territory by staff of the cooperative Fraternità sistemi, which already follows the municipal service for the management of the related taxes and public billposting, which will carry out surveys, measurements and photographs throughout the city.

As part of the celebrations for the centenary of the conclusion of the Great War, the City of Bra presents, on Saturday 24 November 2018 at 21 in the "Giovanni Arpino" Auditorium of Largo Resistenza, a thematic show for words and music. On the stage, the city music band "Giuseppe Verdi" will perform songs beginning 900 as "It was a rainy night", "Legend of the Piave" and "Goodbye my goodbye goodbye", which will alternate from the narration of individual events of characters - also braidesi - who wrote this significant page of our history. Admission to the evening is free. More information by calling the 0172.430185. (Em)