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Bra, also for the 2004-2005 school year, are adult courses made in collaboration between the City Administration and the Alba-Bra Adult Education and Training Center. On the premises of the "Piumati" secondary school, via Craveri number 7, will start an afternoon and an evening of Italian for foreigners and a course, always in the afternoon and in the evening, for the achievement of the media license always aimed at immigrants.

Saturday 16 October 2004 at 17.30 is scheduled to be the winner of the Dedalus 2004 Award winner, which will be determined by an expert jury coordinated by Andrea Branzi's prize-winner and voting cards that will be compiled by the audience who will visit the exhibition. The winner will be awarded a prize of € 6.000

On Tuesday 7 September 2004 the Council of Bra. In a river session lasting nearly eight hours, the assembly discussed the program for the five-year rule of Mayor Camillo Scimone, as well as establishing Board Committees. At the beginning of the evening, the President of the City Council, Gian Massimo Vuerich, observed a minute of silence in memory of Beslan's victims as well as in memory of some recently wandering citizens.

On the occasion of the Xnumx edition of Dedalus - Braidade Days on Design scheduled for Bra next September 2004, at the Chapel of Boetto - Via S. Francesco will be set up an exhibition titled "THE DESIGN AT TAVOLA" where will be exhibited about 25 pieces unique among convivial invitations, restaurant menus, placeholders, wine lists, meetings and rallies that are part of a large collection that has been maintained over the years by Prof. Edoardo Mosca, made available by the Family and dating back to the beginnings of the 500 until the days our

Extraordinary market in Bra, Sunday 26 September, in conjunction with the 2004 edition of "da Cortile a Cortile", the gastronomic walk in the streets of the city. This year the area that will be occupied by the market will concern only Carlo Alberto square, due to the impossibility of using the central square of Venti Settembre, where the construction site for the area reclamation has recently been installed.