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The Politeama di Bra invites children and teenagers (and parents) to the theater for the three events of the mini-event "Not to be a puppet" promoted by Acido di Bra.

"An innovative initiative that, thanks to synergic work and the active involvement of many territorial partners, will be able to accompany thousands of children - and not only - in the conscious and creative use of new technologies by developing skills and knowledge": so the Mayor Bra Bruna Sibille and Gianni Fogliato's Personal Services Advisor yesterday, Thursday 30 November 2017, the "Display Project", contrasted with the dependence on new technologies, with particular reference to children and adolescents.

Part of Bra's presentation tour of the new album of Magasin du Café. Appointment Thursday 7 December, at 21, at Politeama Boglione Theater for a real show that tells "Landscape", the latest record of the band, coming out for the Hkm record label and distributed by Believe. The Carlo Alberto Square Room will host the quartet that evokes atmospheres that can span between present and past and inspire the notes that fill Parisian bistros rather than Argentine milonges or over-ocean swings. From tango to rock, from classical music to electronics, the eclettical repertoire of Magasin du Cafè is a real stockpile to draw from the extravagance of the time, contaminating tradition and modernity. Luca Allievi (acoustic guitar), Davide Borra (accordion, sinth), Alberto Santoru (electric bass, case, effects) and Mattia Floris (guitar) will be on stage. Since January, the album will be screened at several festivals in Italy and Europe.

Tickets for the concert-show, a welcome off-schedule on the bill of the theater season, are on sale at 10 euro. The theater box office is open every Friday from 15 to 19, in Piazza Carlo Alberto. Advance sales online on the website and in the sales points. More information on

Info: City of Bra - Politeama Theater "Boglione"

tel. 0172.430185 -

With the beginning of December, many appointments to be marked on the agenda together with some variations of time that relate to museums and tourist sites in the city. This year, in fact, the Museum of Archeology History and Art of Palazzo Traversa will be closed on Sunday in December and January.

It is the largest "kitchen" in the city, and this year also opens the doors to the public to show local equipment and illustrate how daily meals are served in braid schools.