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As usual, in conjunction with the start of the summer bundles, the offer of car parks in the city center will be enhanced with the opening of the courtyard of the "Maschili" schools of Bra (with access for cars via Marconi and for pedestrians also via Vittorio Emanuele). From Sunday 2 July 2017 and until the end of August, cars will be able to access the parking every day from 8. From Monday to Thursday the car park closes at 20 while the opening is extended until one of the nights on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. (it's at)

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Every Monday afternoon, at the 17, the "Young Arpino" Civic Library of Bra hosts a meeting of the "Moms Voices" reading cycle that continues the experience of "Nati to read" with animated readings and creative activities for children from 3 to 7 years. The two young mothers, Valentina and Floriana, propose for the upcoming events thematic activities: Monday 3 July 2017 is the turn of "Stories of forms and ... cutouts": an unusual way of telling a story to be followed by a drawing workshop through, in fact, shapes and scraps that will give life to characters and scenographies. The following week, Monday 10 July 2017, instead of music with "Stories of sounds ... and strange noises": a piano and a nice cow will teach small readers how dreams can come true with courage, commitment and good friends. After reading you will build a musical instrument with recovery materials. Participation in the events that are part of the "Nati to read" program prepared with the support of Bra's Savings Bank and Piedmont Region Foundation is free, but by reservation to 0172 413049. The Thursday night's meetings for children, from the 10, also promoted by the "Da Zero a Cento" association in the library courtyard continue. Also in this case the participation is free on reservation to the 0172 413049.

Also remember that from July 1 2017 comes into effect the summer time of the civic library: until the end of August, the adult room remains closed on Saturday morning, while the times are unchanged during the week. The kids room is open Monday afternoon from 14,15 to 18 and from Tuesday to Friday only in the morning (9-12).

Info: City of Bra - Civic Library "Giovanni Arpino"

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There have been numerous requests to intervene in these days of bad weather at the operative headquarters of the Municipal Police of Via Moffa di Lisio and there have been numerous interventions carried out by the patrols present in the territory. Among the most significant is the intervention in Falchetto Road where the detachment of certain private-owned tree branches has damaged 4 cars parked.

Other measures were taken to regulate the road where there were obstacles on the roadway, such as vases, branches, and bushes on the ground from the perturbation.
A singular intervention took place in a street in the Old Town: an elderly woman, noting a patrol of the Municipal Police in a pompous service, reported that her husband and nephew were locked in the elevator between one floor and another in a Condominium: The agents immediately reached the elevator cockpit and let manually lower the locked elevator, allowing the girl and grandfather to leave. (Municipal Police Bra)

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To allow some technical interventions to introduce a new computer system, the Demographic Services of the Bra Commune will remain closed to the public Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 July 2017. For sole deaths, it will be possible to contact the Civil State Office from 8,30 to 10. The offices will resume the regular opening hours from Thursday 6 July 2017. Over the next few weeks, due to the transition to the new IT procedure, initially slowdowns may occur in the implementation of the practices.

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Bra Council Youth Consultation, in collaboration with Bra Council and the GrandaQueer Cuneo, Agedo Cuneo and Agedo Alba associations, organizes an evening of awareness on the topic of homosexuality and its facets. Tuesday 4 July 2017, from 20, via Cavour will have a moment of reflection and sharing, through a living library with protagonists who will tell their experience and feelings to anyone who wants to stop listening to them or ask questions.

The idea was born to create a lasting assumption over time, and to introduce for the first time in the city a path that is intended to enable citizenship to actually know the other realities of our territory. It is decided to take an important step towards a still thorny subject, of which the Lgbt (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) world and its facets are preferred not to speak, hide and defame. For years now, the LGBT community has been subjected to discrimination, psychological and physical violence because it is seen as "different", "wrong" and "sick". Arcigay and her volunteers have always been campaigning for awareness raising to overthrow these non-existent phobias.

Bra's Youth Consultation has decided to bring a living library, entirely "Rainbow", to the streets of its city, as the flag that distinguishes this community, "books / people" will be the most colorful: from the gay boy to the lesbian girl, from the their parents to friends, to make it clear that they are human beings with equal dignity and equal rights. The initiative was born with the collaboration of Arcigay Cuneo "GrandaQueer LGBT": the association in defense and protection of citizens and cuneous towns lgbt has been present for two years throughout the territory of Cuneo. To date, they have met more than a dozen 2000 students and as many people in the province for the abolition of man-trans-biphobia and improving the concept of respect, through training and information nights, debates and projects for students, professors and school workers . In addition, the Consulta has also decided to call the Agedo Associations (Association of Parents and Genders / Homosexual Relatives) in the municipality of Cuneo and Alba, Agedo has always played an important role for homosexuals to help them to understand and understand that their children are not "different" and help them in the path of their lives. We think that through a living library the citizens can understand, talk and discuss lgbt issues and can break down stereotypes and prejudices, improving the concept of respect with the common goal of creating a more free, united and cohesive society . For info (See Youth Bra Councils)

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