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There is a time until Friday 17 November 2017 to fill out the questionnaire for the productive activities present in the territory of the Treble, aiming to identify synergistically specific interventions for the benefit of, on the one hand, the training needs of the enterprises and at the same time , in contrast to local unemployment. The questionnaire, published on the site of the Municipality of Brato this link (new window), is divided into four thematic areas (company register, human resources, professional and training needs, market) for easy and quick compilation, with the necessary authorization to process personal data.  .

The model was developed by the Table of Productive Activities, established by the 2015 Council of Bra with the aim of promoting the integration of the institutional and local sector realities and defining common goals and general policy guidelines for the economic development of the territory. They are part of the Concertation and Comparative Table of Representatives of the Province of Cuneo, of the Industrial Union, of the Italian Association of Entrepreneurs for a Communion Economy, of the Braids of Ascom, Coldiretti and Confartigianato, of CNA, Confcooperative and Legacoop Cuneo Cgil and Cisl, Bra's Savings Bank Foundation and Banca d'Alba Foundation.

For clarification or clarification, you can contact the Bra Worker's Active Work Policy Service at 0172.438154 or 0172.438241 numbers. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - SPAL
Tel. 0172.438154 

The City of Bra has banned a competition for exams only to cover a category C technical instructor post to be included in the department of Urban Planning, Environment, Territory and Production Activities.

Tombs expiring in the three Bra cemeteries: at the entrances of the Rimembranze, Pollenzo and Bandito boulevards structures are indicated all the locules, ossuaries and tombini of the garlands for which will be taken to the 2018 startup, if the heirs or the interested ones do not otherwise agreed by the end of this year. In the coming months, it will also be necessary to dismantle the G field of the Bra's Graveyard.

On Monday 16 October 2017, at the 17.30 in the council room "Achille Carando" of the municipal building, meets the Council of Bra. Among the arguments on the Agenda of the sitting, convened by President Biagio Conterno, the approval of the Rules for the integrated urban waste management service, a change in the budget, some questions and the alienation of municipal road Falchetto, with an upgrade to the alienation and asset valuation plan for the three year 2017 / 2019. It will be possible to follow the municipal council live streaming on this site (HERE the direct link) or, from the following day, deferred on the You Tube channel "Common of Bra".


Even this year, the Beethoven Museums propose from October 2017 to June 2018 an articulated classroom offering from the kindergarten to the high school, with workshops and insights related to school subjects.