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The control operation "193" of the Municipal Police of Bra continues without interruption, which takes its name from the article of the Highway Code that sanctions those who circulate without the required insurance coverage. From the 1 January 2018 to today the agents of Braida have been able to verify, thanks to the aid of the "Targa System", the position of over 26 thousand vehicles in transit on the city streets.

The calendar of appointments of the 2018 with Nati continues to read at the "Giovanni Arpino" public library in Bra. Monday 5 March 2018 host of the meeting at the 17 in the boys room will be the association "Officne Zeta" which will illustrate to the young listeners the mysterious content of "A truly magical box".

Two motions proposals were discussed by the city council of Bra in Thursday's 15 February 2018 session.

Vaccination obligations and conclusion of the current school year

One of the two motions on the agenda, presented by the leader of the 5 Movement, Stars Bra Claudio Allasia and the leader of Bra Città for living Abderrahmane Amajou, concerns the possibility of guaranteeing to all minors attending the educational services in the city to conclude the current school year. "The intent - explained Allasia - is not to start a debate on vaccine efficacy or on the objectives of coverage, but to eliminate discrimination, as explained by the law, which involves the risk of interruption of service only for children and girls from 3 to 6 years, and not for unvaccinated minors who attend compulsory school, for which there is only a penalty. Moreover, if we are facing a health emergency, the problem should not only concern children, but also adults who attend school. " "To suffer the outcome of this law will be working mothers - adds Amajou -. The motion wants to be an action of common sense that guarantees the continuity of education ".

"The cases in our city are very limited - reported Marina Isu on the matter - the administration's competence concerns only the Nest, where there is only one defaulting case. In the comprehensive Bra 1 and 2 institutes, where competence is in charge of school leaders, there are 18 inottemperanze. Parent meetings and coordination at the provincial level have already been organized. In any case, the validity of the school year is assured, as no sanctions have yet been imposed and any calls have also been made for the adult staff ". Also worth mentioning is the presence in Bra of four children who, due to health reasons, can not get vaccinated: "even in consideration of these cases - added Mayor Bruna Sibille - any orientation other than that indicated by law would be inconsistent".

Following the vote, the motion proposal was rejected with 13 votes against and 2 in favor.

Ius soli: proposal to confer honorary citizenship on children of immigrants in Bra

The suggestion of motion for the attribution of honorary citizenship to children born in the Italian territory and children of foreign immigrants living in Bra, a symbolic act that wants to be "hoped for the premise of an effective recognition of Italian citizenship, is signed by the councilor Abderrahmane Amajou. of Italian legislation ". "I presented this motion because I believe it is an important gesture also from the cultural point of view. An opportunity to state that, if the state is immobile on the issue, our municipality is ready to consider these people citizens in all respects, like others. We need courage, especially in these times, to carry forward values ​​of peace and brotherhood. Participation - concludes Amjou - is freedom but also responsibility ".

The majority agrees with the need to complete the process to approve the bill stranded in recent months, pointing out that for years the City of Bra is in the forefront for a mobilization of cultural, even with initiatives such as " maintenance of the foreign branch, the coordination of virtuous practices with local associations or the promotion of integrative initiatives of the scholastic path aimed at the awareness of the rights and duties related to citizenship ", as explained by President Biagio Conterno. "Starting from these considerations - continued Conterno - we do not agree on the proposal to confer honorary citizenship or any other form of dilution or substitution: at this point in the debate in the country, we want more, or that the new Parliament approve as soon as possible the bill on the Ius Soli ", and proposing an amendment that disregards the commitment of the transfer from the motion but emphasizes the role of impulse and initiative.

After an articulated discussion of the group leaders - in favor of Amajou's proposal, the adviser Allasia: "is not the desired end result, but it is a stance", while the advisors of the Forza Italia groups, with Somaglia for Bra and Bra, are against Tomorrow "talking about citizenship in a period of such a strong social tension is definitely wrong" - the room approves the motion as amended by the majority, with 9 votes in favor and 6 opposed.

The entire session of the city council of the 15 last February is available in video on the You Tube channel of the Municipality of Bra (@comunebra). (Em)

Info: City of Bra - General Secretariat

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142 artists from 16 Italian regions, four sections in competition (painting, sculpture, photography and design), 12 awards for the best works, conferences, performances, interviews and performances. Everything is ready for the second edition of WAB - Women Art Bra, Biennial of creativity for women, presented last night at Palazzo Mathis in the presence of the Mayor Bruna Sibille, the Culture Councilor Fabio Bailo and the President of the Municipal Council of Pari Opportunità Agata Comandé.

It led to the approval of the proposed resolutions on the agenda - the first change to the provisional budget 2018 / 2020 and a simplified variant to the general regulatory plan-, the joint sitting of the municipal council of Bra on Thursday 15 February 2018, in which questions and two motion motions were also discussed (see dedicated press release).