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It's almost "Cheese - the Milk Forms" in Bra: Friday 15 September will officially open the eleventh edition of the event organized by Slow Food and the City Administration and in the city are in the process of finishing the outfits of the structures that will host the event.

They are in Bra's public view of the preliminary draft of the Free Property Initiative Recovery Plan for properties owned by Luigi Einaudi 25, in Pollenzo hamlet.

The Steering Command of the Municipal Police continues uninterruptedly, the operation called "193", named after the article of the Road Code that penalizes those who circulate with a vehicle without insurance. Only in the last week the local police patrols, with the help of the Targa System, verified the position of 2366 vehicles in transit on the beaded roads; among them, 8 were found to be out of insurance and under administrative sequestration, while 35 drivers were sanctioned for failing to submit their vehicle to the prescribed periodic revision; of the latter, five had missed the review visit for two consecutive years. A vehicle was also placed under administrative detention for 3 months for being surprised in circulation though already suspended in the weeks seen by other police forces for lack of review. Three, however, are the patents withdrawn by the agents of as many motorists traveling with the expired valid document. Scope of life also on the use of mobile phone driving, on the carriage of minors on board and on the respect of parking spaces for the service of disabled persons: in the course of the verifications carried out, 45 drivers were overall sanctioned for violations of these behavioral norms.

Reach ancient and new flavors on a charming vintage train and enjoy the romantic hilly landscape of Langhe and Roero among the bright autumn colors: the braidese town will make this fantasy reality, Sunday 1 October 2017, on the occasion of the food and wine tour "From courtyard to yard." The event will take on a fascination of other times already in the early morning when, between whistles and puppet reconnaissance, from Torino Porta Nuova station at 8.30 will start a historic steam train that will arrive directly in the heart of the city of Zizzola, stage in the intermediate stations of Lingotto and Carmagnola.

On the Monday of 4 September 2017, from the 5 in the morning and until the end of the works scheduled for the day, we will proceed to the asphalting of the two roundabouts on Via Vittorio Veneto to Bra, near the crossroads with Via Cuneo and that with via Isonzo. In order to allow the work to be carried out, which is necessary for the elimination of disconnection, the road traffic between the two roundabouts and the convergent routes to the roundabouts will be interrupted for the duration of the operation.