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Bra town raises the curtain on the Christmas program on Saturday, December 2. In the afternoon, the Christmas lights, which this year have been designed to beautify and create a magical atmosphere in the streets of the city, will light up. Luminous choices have been made among the most innovative technology solutions in the field of low-impact led lighting, as well as Christmas 2017 novelty, Caduti Square will be illuminated by a scenic chandelier chandelier. Christmas music will create the right suggestion thanks to a filodiffusion system that will accompany the walk and shopping in the city. In the coming weekends, starting Friday, December 8, many activities are planned, especially for families.

After attending the opening evening with Don Luigi Ciotti, she continues the activity of the "Toni Lucci" School of Peace in Bra. Wednesday 6 December 2017, at 21 X in the Auditorium CRB of Via Sarti, will analyze the figure of Don Lorenzo Milani, priest, master and citizen, 50 years after his death, in an event organized in collaboration with Pastoral Unit 50 . To tell the life and works of Don Milani will be the professor Massimo Toschi, former councilor of the Tuscany Region, a scholar and author of books dedicated to the prize, and Piero Cantini, a former pupil of the Barbiana School. The meeting of the journalist Beppe Rovera is kind.


Overcoming the daily limit of Pm10 for four consecutive days, detected by the Asti harpoon control unit - territorial reference also for Bra and Alba areas - triggered the orange traffic light under the Zizzola. As foreseen by the new antismog protocol adopted by the Piedmont Region, also received by the Municipality of Bra with the order no. 369 of 6 last November, from Friday 24 November will then block traffic in the city center (Ztl environmental) for diesel vehicles for the carriage of people with approvals up to Euro 4 from 8.30 to 18.30 and from 08.30 to 12.30 for diesel vehicles used for the carriage of goods with approvals up to Euro 3. You will not be able to stay with the engine switched on or spread slurry or make any kind of outdoor combustion. No use of home heat generators powered by wood biomass with energy and emission performance lower than the 3 star class, while in houses and shops you will have to lower the temperature to 19 °.

On Thursday 30 November 2017 will be presented in the press conference scheduled for the 17.30 at the Achille Carando Council Hall of the City of Bra (Caduti per la Libertà Square, 14), the innovative "Project Display", contrasted dependencies on new technologies, with particular reference to children and adolescents.

The afternoon appointments in the civic library "Giovanni Arpino" continue with the project "Nati to read" and the animated readings dedicated to the youngest, from 3 to 6 years.