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He was identified by the Municipal Police of Bra, the man who in the past few weeks had damaged some cars parked in his home. DI, sixty-one-year-old wounded, had committed vandalism at the expense of a parked minivan, not realizing that the driver was present on the vehicle and, once discovered, had fled.

Opened this morning, Saturday 20 December 2008, in Bra, the new movement center near the railway station, which aims to become a point of interchange between different modes of transport: rubber-rails, public-private. At the ceremony was then signed by the Municipality of Bra, the Piedmont Region and the Italian Railway Network (the company of the Ferrovie dello Stato, which deals with the infrastructure), a program agreement with a regional contribution of 3,4 million euro destined for a million and four hundred thousand euros to finance the second batch of works covering the railway line running parallel to via Vittorio Veneto between the Orti and the bridge of via Cuneo, while two million euros will finance the preliminary and definitive planning of the interception of the tracks to pass the level crossing that divides the concentric from the district of Oltreferrovia.

With the retirement at the end of the year of Dr. Roberto Possolo, head of the Administrative Department of the City of Bra, the new Deputy Secretary General of the civic treid administration will be Dr. Costanzo Fissore. The City Council of the town of Zizzola has decided to give it to the mayor Camillo Scimone to appoint the new vicar of the Secretary General. Dr. Fissore is from 1999, the Director of the Department of Municipal Studies and Organization, before having his position in the same position. Braidese, fifty years old, graduated in law, Costanzo Fissore has gained experience in the field of human resources management at the Municipality of Alba and at the Consorzio intercomunale Ca.In., as well as consultant for the Municipality of Mondovì.

From Saturday 27 December 2008 from 17 to 19, and for the following evening, Bra Theater Politeama's box office will be selling tickets for the 30 New Year's Concert in December. Back at the end of the year this year will perform the Brasov Symphonic Orchestra. Tickets will be sold at the cost of € 16 for the whole and twelve euros for the Reduced (over the 65 years and under the 26 years).

Bra will also miss occasions to find a good reading even during parties. This is because the Civic Library of the City of Zizzola will not close the doors between Christmas and Epiphany. It will be only two days when the Library will not guarantee the service: Friday 2 and Monday 5 January 2009.