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Appointment Monday 28 January 2019 with the "Intergalactic readers" who will tell "The choices of Nessi" at the "Giovanni Arpino" public library of Bra.

The documents relating to the Simplified Variant Project for the current PRGC are in public view at Bra - including the related design documents, the opinions and the determination of exclusion from the strategic environmental assessment phase (SEA) - presented by the company OMLer 2000 Srl.

Two licenses withdrawn for driving under the influence of alcohol last weekend by agents of the Municipal Police of Bra. The first case, which occurred around the 10 in the morning, involved a forty year old Cherasco: he was circulating in Piazza Roma and, after not giving priority to pedestrians who were crossing the road, he was stopped by the emergency patrol on the spot for a control presence. After stopping the vehicle and identifying the driver, the agents, given his psychophysical state, tested him with a precursor, a positive result. The man was then accompanied to the Command of via Moffa di Lisio for the checks with the breathalyzer, which showed an almost 5 alcohol rate higher than the allowed one. The man was referred to the Attorney of the Republic of Asti for the offense of driving with an alcoholic rate higher than 1.50 grams per liter, with immediate withdrawal of the driving license and seizure of the vehicle.

Two "plates for efficiency", to reward the commitment of the Municipality of Bra in the redevelopment of municipal buildings, were affixed today (Tuesday 22 January 2019) in schools "San Michele - Martyrs for the Resistance" and " Gianni Rodari ". To deliver the two awards, granted in the province of Cuneo - the most virtuous, throughout Italy - to 34 Municipalities that have made interventions thanks to the incentives of the Thermal Account, were representatives of GSE Energy Services Manager (a subsidiary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance aimed at promoting sustainable development and rational use of energy) and Anci Piemonte.

During the session of Tuesday 22 January 2019, the City Council of Bra expressed itself about the employment situation of the company Abet Laminati, following the news related to a plan to decrease the company staff through the opening of a mobility procedure.