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Category Administration

Consultations are bodies representing subjects operating in the city in specific fields and are a time for discussion and discussion on some topics to be submitted to the attention of the municipal councils and executive bodies.
From the 1995, the Municipal Volunteer Council has been set up, which brings together representatives of all the associations that work in Bra in the field of social volunteerism, and the Municipal Council of Labor, whose purpose is to provide a moment of comparison between all active and passive realities in the labor market.
From 1998 there is an institute representing the young students of the city schools called the Municipal Council of the Boys. The body is elected within the primary (fourth and fifth grade) and lower secondary braids of Bra.
In the 2000, the Municipal Council for Equal Opportunities has been created, bringing together various realities in the field of public services and the reality of the local area. It aims to promote actions that promote equality between men and women in the fields of work and social affairs.

In the 2009, the Municipal Council for Families has been set up, which aims to bring together associations, institutions and informal groups dealing with family services in the city.

2009-2013 Administrative Mandate Documentation (Mayor: Bruna Sibille)

Final report

Annex A: For each of the 107 administrative points, a presentation of how the administration evaluated the achievement is provided.

Annex B: a detailed list of arguments based on the initiatives taken to reach 107 administrative points.

Annex C: List of completed or site-based public works projects.

Annex D: brief summary document on the air condition in Bra.

Annex E: the national awards from the municipality.

Annex F: Contributions received for a variety of ordinary or extraordinary activities.

Annex G: Document a summary of all the precedents with numeric data.