The Municipality of Bra provides, by its own personnel or by contracting with authorized companies, to restore the points light damaged by public lighting, non-functioning traffic lights, damaged road signs, other works competence in the fields of restoration of the road surface (holes, ditches, floods, etc. etc.), public greenery (parks and public gardens) and the buildings owned by the municipal administration. If citizens perceive situations of deficiency or failure, may report it to the public offices Public works (0172.438346 - or Municipal Police (0172.413744 - that will be activated in this regard.
As for public lighting, then, citizens will be able to report malfunctions and malfunctions on public lighting systems directly to maintenance firms, thus reducing the time and effort involved, increasing timely and effective.
There are two types of plant in the city, distinguished by a metal plate on the lighting support pole, distinguishing between those owned by the municipality from the plants owned by Enel Sole. For municipal property poles it is possible to report malfunctions directly to the maintenance company, the Sogete of Bra, by calling the 0172.412901 number or writing to For Enel Sole property plants, sending a communication to
In both cases, you will need to indicate the address and the house number nearest the system and, if possible, the light point identification code on the same metal band that identifies the property.