An appointment in Bra for the operators of the tax and financial offices of the Piedmontese and Ligurian municipalities, as part of the training activities of the Ifel Foundation, the local Anci financial institute (national association of Italian municipalities), in collaboration with Anutel, the association that represents the tax offices of Italian municipalities. On Thursday 23 May 2019, from the 9: 30 in the morning, in the conference hall of the “Giovanni Arpino” multi-purpose cultural center in Largo Resistance, we will discuss the assessment activity of local taxes and the methodologies and use of databases according to the institutions.

Rapporteur of the meeting will be Christian Amadeo, head of the tax service of the town of Settimo Torinese, head of the press office and member of the presidential council of Autel, as well as appreciated as a publicist on the sector magazines and a lecturer on various issues concerning local taxation . The program of the meeting will make it possible to carry out an overview at three hundred and sixty degrees on the various norms that over time have affected the various municipal taxes, with the various forms of collaboration envisaged in the relationship with the tax payers and the various instruments that the sector norms and the superior government bodies have made available to the local administrations to have the data necessary to carry out checks and assessments.

The meeting, reserved for staff and local authority administrators, is free and will allow you to receive a certificate of participation. Registration is possible by 16 May exclusively on the Anutel portal, at, where it is also possible to find details of the initiative and practical information about the conduct of the study day. In Bra the day follows other similar initiatives organized in recent years with considerable interest on the part of the operators, making the city of Zizzola one of the Piedmontese reference points for the professional updating of the operators of the financial and tax offices.

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