On Monday 8 April 2019 met in the Town Hall the Municipal Council of the Boys of Bra, the body composed of 30 students of primary and secondary schools of first grade in the city. The elected representatives continued the work begun in the past sessions on the issues of bullying and cyber bullying, imagining a local version of the "Contract", 18 rules introduced by an American mother to hand over her mobile phone to her teenage son, to adapt to reality and to the experiences of Braid councilors.

Even the books were the protagonists of the morning in the Municipality. In May, the Municipal Children's Council will again be called to choose the winners of the "Giovanni Arpino" children's literature award, a recognition that, as per tradition, will be awarded as part of the "Children's Book Fair". During the Monday session the baby counselors received copies of the books selected in the 2019 edition of the competition, for reading, criticism and scoring, in view of the upcoming awards. (Em)

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