"There is no peace without a peace policy". It is a real philosophy of life, a compass towards a better future for all, the slogan that stands out on the homepage of the website of Flavio Lotti, national coordinator of the Table of Peace and organizer of the Perugia-Assisi March, who will be a guest of the School of Peace "Toni Lucci" of Bra Friday 29 March 2019. The meeting, entitled "There are no rights without responsibility. How to live the principles of the Constitution and the Declaration of Human Rights in everyday life ", is scheduled at 21 in the hall of the multipurpose center" Arpino ", in via Guala.

During the evening and, the next morning, during an institute assembly, the municipal administration and the School of Peace will hand over a copy of the Italian Constitution and of the Declaration of Human Rights to all the boys, residents of Bra, born in 2000, so that "aware of their rights and duties as citizens, they promote a culture of peace".

Flavio Lotti from 1988 is the coordinator of the Perugia Assisi Peace March, which attracts young people and adults from all over Italy. Engaged in the UN Campaign for Millennium Goals, he promotes the values ​​of our Constitution and works for the dissemination of the Human Rights Declaration, through articles and book publishing. He was the founder and, for 16 years, the National Coordinator of the Table of Peace, the largest Italian pacifist network that brings together groups and lay and religious organizations and Local Authorities.

Admission to the evening, to which all 18-year-old Braids are invited, is free until all available places have been filled. More information by writing a scuoladipacebra@gmail.com. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Peace Office