After the success of the first show on the bill returns the "Apriti sesamo - Families at the theater" at the Politeama Boglione of Bra, Sunday 17 February 2019. At the 16,30 the curtain rises on "Little Red Riding Hood and the lone wolf" by the theater company Coltelleria Einstein. On the stage of Piazza Carlo Alberto an unusual Little Red Riding Hood, which has become an adult, has opened a fashion atelier, specialized in red hats. In the pièce is interviewed by a television journalist who is preparing an episode on the lives of wolves. Among the memories of his, well-known adventure in the forest, there is a lot of information on the world of the wolf, on the life of a pack, the hierarchies, the hunting techniques, the care of the puppies. The themes of the fairy tale are presented in a new key while in this show, comical and exciting together, a sensitive wolf appears, who becomes a friend of Little Red Riding Hood, plays and jokes with the child, on the one hand to trick it, on the other to fill a solitude to which he was forced after being kicked out of his pack. And when he has to eat it, he does not know what to do.

On stage the actors Donata Boggio Sola and Giorgio Boccassi, who is also the author of the text and director together with Fabio Comana. In addition to being represented in several Italian cities, the show was also presented at the prestigious Avignon Festival where it received critical acclaim and the Tournesol Award nomination of an ecological character.

The mini edition of Teatro ragazzi closes Sunday 24 March 2019 with "Zuppa di sasso", a traditional fairy tale that reflects on feelings of union, friendship, happiness, lightness overcoming suspicion, suspicion, fear. The show is curated by "Tanti Cosi Progetti". All shows start at 16,30. Admission is free for children and costs 5 euro for accompanying adults. More information on and at the Tourism and Events Office tel. 0172 430185. (it's at)

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