The citizens of a European Union State residing in the Municipality of Bra who intend to exercise the right to vote during the municipal and European elections must submit an application for registration in the appropriate Elected Add List. The application, to be completed on the specific form sent to the address of the resident community and also available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior (direct link:, must be forwarded to the Electoral Office of the City of Bra within 25 February 2019 for the European elections and within the 16 April for municipal elections.

In the application for registration, to which a copy of the valid identity document must be attached, citizenship must be declared; the current residence and address in the country of origin; the request for registration in the Added Electoral Lists; the possession of political rights and the absence of a judicial, penal or civil court order, which entails, according to the legislation of the State of origin, the loss of the right to vote.

The application must not be presented by Union citizens who have already been registered on the lists added during the previous local or European elections and who have not revoked the registration. The eventual transfer of residence to other Italian municipalities of EU citizens already registered determines the registration of the office in the added lists of the municipality of new residence. The registration also allows the citizen of the community to be elected as a city councilor and the possible appointment as a member of the Executive.

For more information, contact the Electoral Office of the Municipality of Bra (phone 0172 / 438386 - mail:, open to the public every morning from 8.30 to 12.45 and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from 15 to 16. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Electoral Office
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