In view of the introduction of the conforming bag, the new system for the collection of undifferentiated waste on the whole territory of the Municipality of Bra which will come into force from 4 February 2019, some further meetings open to the public are scheduled to learn more about how the service and the latest arrivals for door-to-door recycling. The meetings are open to all citizens and will be held at the "Arpino" Multipurpose Center on the following dates: Thursday 17 January 2019 20,30 hours and Tuesday 22 January 2019 20,30 hours.

There will also be meetings with various stakeholders such as artisans, dealers, managers of sports facilities, condominium administrators, calibrated on the specific needs of each: the various subjects will be called with a special invitation. Last but not least, the information campaign will reach all the communities of foreign origin present in the city, to which, thanks to the collaboration of the representatives and the cultural mediators, dedicated information materials will be distributed to facilitate the understanding of the information useful for the correct development of the collection. waste. The materials are also available at this link: Vademecum waste: what and where. Among the purposes of the meetings is in fact that of promoting the reduction of the fraction of non-differentiated waste that is sent to landfill. This objective of the law goes alongside that which Bra has already virtuously overcome, of the 65% of separate waste produced.

In the meantime, the Ecosportello has started the distribution of kits that include the conforming bags for the undifferentiated (colored and with the identification code of each user) and the supply of sacks and containers for the various differentiable fractions (paper, plastic, organic ) of door-to-door collection. The endowment also includes the services calendars (with the indications of the routes included in the new areas identified as A and B) and a vademecum for the correct conferment of waste. From the 15 January the kits will be delivered to all users of the last areas of the city (Centro, Pollenzo - S. Michele - SG Far away, S. Matteo and Bandito extraurbana). The withdrawal will be possible for all users, even those who may not have received the letter at home, within 2 February 2019.

Furthermore, up until this date, the Econoport of Piazza Caduti for freedom is open all day, from 8 to 17 from Monday to Friday and from 8 to 15 on Saturday. Access to the office is in Piazza Caduti della Libertà, entrance to the former justice of the peace office. The Ecosportello is also available to citizens at 0172.201054, or via email at the address, for any doubt or clarification. More information on the website of the Albese and Braidese Waste Consortium and on the website of the Municipality of Bra in the section Garbage collection. (it's at)

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