The 2018 budget concerning the air quality at Bra is very positive: for the first time since 2003, when pollutant detection was introduced, the value of PM 10 fine particles in the city is within the annual legal parameter, equal to 35 overruns for a value of 50 micrograms / m3 of PM10.

At 27 December, the last day available for the territorial survey station, the 31 overruns are in fact, since it ensures respect for the reference value and records the historical minimum for the city. The figure confirms the trend of significant improvement in recent years, with values ​​that from 170 2003 overruns have moved to 62 2014, and then halved again during the last 4 years, up to the current value within the 35.

The annual PM10 average is also well-established, with 28 micrograms / m3 up to a legal limit of 40 micrograms / m3.

"An important and very encouraging result - commented Mayor Bruna Sibille and the Environment Councilor Sara Cravero -, which returns a tangible response to the path promoted by the Administration in the last ten years. A path that unites the community and the public body in a pact for the environment, integrating concrete actions, political commitment and participation of a sensitive and collaborative citizenship, to restore a cleaner air and a more livable city. Significant actions that range from the energy redevelopment of numerous buildings, to the extension of district heating, to sustainable mobility initiatives and awareness campaigns and, accompanied by favorable weather conditions, have enabled us to achieve this result that we intend to maintain by intensifying the commitment taken, for the benefit of the whole community ". (Em)

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