The informative meetings on the territory are starting in Bra to present the innovations foreseen by the waste procurement in view of the effective operation of the reorganization, which will start in February. The nine events are scheduled from November 26 to December 7 and are located throughout the urban area. The start is at 18 and it is possible to participate in one or more meetings, regardless of where they are organized.

This is the calendar:

• 26 November Bescurone district, c / o Parish Hall "Beata Vergine del Rosario" Church, piazza Giolitti;
• 27 November districts Centro Storico e Centro, c / o "G.Arpino" multi-purpose center, Largo della Resistenza;
• 29 November districts Madonna Fiori and Cà del Bosco, c / o headquarters of the "Madonna Fiori" District Committee, in the premises of the elementary school, in Viale Madonna Fiori 108;
• 30 November district of Oltreferrovia, c / o "G.Arpino" multi-purpose center, Largo della Resistenza.
• 03 December, Bandito fraction, c / o Municipal Meeting Center "Bandito", Piazza Caduti and dispersed of all wars, 1.
• 04 December fractions S. Matteo and S. Michele, c / o Fraction Committee Headquarters "S. Michele ", Mario Guarino green area, S. Michele 163 road;
• 05 December districts Vallechiara Fey, S. Giovanni Lontano, Gerbido La Bassa, c / o "G.Arpino" multi-purpose center, Largo della Resistenza;
• 06 December Tre Frazioni (Riva Falchetto Boschetto) c / o Bocciofila Strada Falchetto;
• 07 December fraction Pollenzo, c / o Municipal meeting center, via Regina Margherita, 28.

Afterwards, from December 17 and until the end of January, the new conforming bags will be distributed for the undifferentiated and the plastic and organic packaging collection kits, even those coded, which will have to be collected - according to a calendar for areas territory that will be sent to all families - at the Ecosportello in Piazza Caduti for the 16 Freedom (courtyard of Palazzo Garrone). Further information meetings will also be scheduled in January. More information by calling the 0172.201054, writing to the address or directly in Ecosportello, every morning from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30, in addition to Tuesday afternoons (13.30 - 17) and Thursday (15 - 18.30). (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Ecosportello
tel. 0172.201054 -


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    Direct line with the municipal building.

  • Transparent elections - 26 May 2019

    Sunday 26 May 2019 European, Regional and Municipal elections will be held. All documents relating to the electoral deadline are published in the appropriate section of the website. On Transparent Elections portal the CVs and criminal certificates of the candidates on the lists are also published, pursuant to Article 1 c.15 Law of 9 January 2019, n. 3. Timetables: The Electoral Office of the Municipality of Bra is available for information, clarifications and renewals of the electoral card from Monday to Friday on 8.30-12.45 time and on Thursday also from 15 to 16. Friday 24 and Saturday 25 May will also be open from 9 to 18 and Sunday 26 from 7 to 23. The seats are open on Sunday 26 May from 7 to 23.

  • Refuse info: the contacts of the Ecosportello

    Please note that for all information regarding waste and the urban hygiene service and for the delivery of the differentiated kits, the Ecosportello is active. The office, with access from Piazza Caduti for Liberty or from the courtyard of Palazzo Garrone, is open every morning from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30, in addition to Tuesday afternoons (13.30 - 17) and Thursday (15 - 18.30 ). The Ecosportello can be reached by telephone at 0172.201054 or by e-mail at:

  • Social Assistance Services

    The associated management of the social assistance services between the Municipalities of Bra (leading body), Ceresole d'Alba, Cherasco, La Morra, Narzole, Pocapaglia, Sanfrè, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, and Sommariva del Bosco has been formalized. Sommariva Perno and Verduno. In this section of the website all the references relating to the areas of intervention, to the territorial offices and to the contacts.

  • BDAP - Public Administration Data Bank: part of job part

    It is possible to access the information that our Municipality has sent to the BDAP (Ministry of Economy and Finance Ministry of Public Accounts) under the dlgs 229 / 2011 and in accordance with the terms of DM 26 / 02 / 2013. Below is the Bra Commune link to access the BDAP: Municipality of Bra / BDAP .

  • ZTL historical center: access modules

    They are about to start using the cameras of access to the Ztl of the Old Town. Residents, car park holders, workers and other persons who, according to the relevant order, may access the area, must report to the municipal police the data of their vehicles. Forms to request access.

  • Obligation to clean ditches and private roads

    A municipal ordinance requires the cleaning of ditches and private roads to the owners of buildings and lands overlooking prosperous municipal or neighboring roads. The reason: to prevent stagnation of water on the road and regular runoff. The sanction can reach up to EUR 500. The news.