As every year, nominations for president of the polling station are open in October. They can apply from Monday 1 and until Wednesday 31 October 2018, those who intend to enroll in the register of presidents of the electoral seat of the Municipality of Bra. To apply for admission, you must apply to the Municipal Electoral Office, via Barbacana 6 (first floor), from Monday to Friday on 8.30 - 12.45 and on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, between 15 and 16.

Candidates may apply to the electoral roll of the municipality of Bra with a degree not lower than the secondary school diploma (attaching a photocopy to the application), while those who have passed the 70 years of age can not apply. age, employees of the Ministries of the Interior, Post Office and Telecommunications and Transport, who is in service in the armed forces, the provincial doctors, health officers and doctors conducted, the municipal secretaries and employees of the municipalities assigned or assigned to serve the municipal electoral offices and the candidates for the elections for which the vote takes place. The request form can be downloaded from the website of the Municipality of Bra (section "Services and procedures / Electoral")), or it can be picked up at the town hall, in the Electoral office. More information by calling the 0172.438386 number or writing to

Info: City of Bra - Electoral Office

tel. 0172.438287 -