Thursday 11 October 2018 in the council hall of the Municipality of Bra, starting from 9, will host a free training seminar dedicated to the digital services of the new GeoPortale GisMasterWeb activated at the Town planning division of the Municipality of Bra.

Thanks to the innovative GeoPortale, local information is available to citizens, professionals and businesses online and in real time. During the "digital day" dedicated to the Digital Single Desk and specifically to Sue (One-stop shop for building) and Suap (One-stop shop for production activities), participants will also be offered a "review" on how to fill in online the Suap instances and private construction.

Among the topics covered during the seminar the seminar, including the use of the GeoPortal on PCs and mobile devices (Web App responsive), integration with Google (address search and Street view), measuring and positioning tools, integration tools with the digital single point of contact, integration with regional and national Basemap and Geoservizi, data search and questioning of cartography and urban planning. The seminar is open to citizens and professionals interested, participation is free but reservation is required by Monday 8 October by filling out the application form and sending it by mail to (it's at)

Info: City of Bra - Urban Breakdown
Tel. 0172 438353 -

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