The financial issues were the guiding thread of the city council last night (Monday 24 September 2018) in Bra, in a session that ended with the communication, by the councilor Alberto Bergesio (Democratic Party), of his upcoming resignation from the 'meeting. Off-site work commitments are the basis for the decision by Bergesio, who thanked the institution and its fellow councilors for collaboration and common work, making available its professional skills in the field of innovation "so that it can become a lever for development. for our territory ". On behalf of the whole Council, President Conterno thanked Bergesio for the work done and for having put forward, in this choice, the good of the city. According to regulations, the City Council must proceed - within ten days from the presentation of the resignation to the protocol - to the subrogation of the resigning councilor.

Budget variations and custody of treasury services

Two changes to the budget forecasted during the session. The first (8 ^ variation), approved with 9 votes in favor and 5 abstentions, includes among the main aspects the implementation of the contribution of 110 thousand euros of the Province of Cuneo for the asphalting of via Cuneo, the transfer of chapters for the postponement to the 2019 of the execution of the works of the new athletic track following appeal and the displacement of 35mila euro for the enhancement of the intervention on the assistance project of vulnerable groups. The second variation is more articulated, with the movement of several chapters. Among the interventions, we note the implementation of the contribution of the Ministry of Social Policies of 249mila euro for the project "Contrast to poverty" and that of the company Baratti & Milano (50mila euro) for the redevelopment of Piazza Roma, a greater expenditure of 15mila euro for the construction of a pedestrian bridge in Pollenzo and 100 thousand euros for the preparation of a lift in the school "Montalcini", the increase of 50 thousand euros for the "Tari compensatory fund for businesses", which passes to 80 thousand euros , and the recognition of almost 316 thousand euros by the Ministry of the Interior, for the further partial use of the provision on the endowment of the Municipal Solidarity Fund 2017, following the recalculation of the values ​​and the allocation criteria. 10 the votes in favor, 2 and the opposing (Bra Tomorrow group) and three abstainers (Forza Italia and Somaglia groups for Bra).

During the session the assignment of the 2019-2023 five-year treasury service was also discussed, following the lack of results of the previous calls for tender, of the various regulations and provisions on the correct application of the EU directive on payment services. "The new convention text - explained the Finance Minister Gianni Fogliato - also takes into account how much the market conditions are dictating to public bodies to be able to entrust one of its fundamental services. In particular, the new formulation no longer provides for the free service, with an amount that will be discounted during the tender, while the possibility of offering contributions or sponsorships for the benefit of the Municipality is retained, but only as elements improving the offer". The text was approved with 13 votes in favor and 2 abstentions.

Dup, Gap, participated water service and Atl

Among the resolutions on the agenda, that relating to the approval of Dup, the single programming document for the three-year period 2019-2021. "An instrument in progress - explained the commissioner Fogliato -, from which it transpires flexibility of adaptation to the reality in which it is declined, in a perspective action. The proposed DUP is consistent with the objectives we set ourselves, with the resources available, with temporal sustainability, local economic reality and the city's welfare, which is not assistance but social well-being. It is a document respectful of the regulations, which is placed in the right balance between public and private. It would be easy to make a deficit budget, overreaching, but we play on equal terms, in fairness ". Minority advisors are critical to the document. Somaglia (Forza Italia): "It is a document of late consiliatura, without major news. The study on the possible extension of the limited traffic area requires serious reflections related to the obvious difficulties of road traffic in the city, while the announced redevelopment projects results that can not be financed through a call for tenders (as for the former slaughterhouse) are configured only as exciting news, but without future ". For Marengo (Somaglia per Bra) "more could have been done for the job, giving concrete help to the companies they hire. Among the public works, there is no mention of the failure of the tracks, and of the pavements in the street Orti, a cathedral in the desert ". "There is a lack of answers on important issues, such as the Verduno hospital, the return of the Justice of the Peace, the destination of Movicentro and Palazzo Garrone - Tripodi's comment (Bra Tomorrow) - and more could be done for road maintenance and the cycle paths ". Positive comments of the majority: for Ferrero (with Sibille for Bra) "the Dup contains important projects that will benefit the next administrations, including the territorial plan for transport, the projects of intervention of the PUMS, the redevelopment of school buildings, the coverage of the sixth lot of the railway and the demolition of architectural barriers. All this, with certain times and sources of funding ". The Evelina Gemma councilor stresses that "the increase in the percentage of differentiation, the commitment to eliminate asbestos, the forthcoming introduction of the prepaid bag and the new acoustic regulation, while the mayor Sibille emphasizes the great attention to the environment. states that "in these years we have worked in continuity with the previous administrations, in collaboration with the superordinate bodies and in a continuous attitude of confrontation, regardless of colors and alignments, for the good of the city." The Dup has been approved ( 10 votes in favor and 4 against), as well as the consolidated GAP - Public Administration Group (9 votes in favor, against the minority in the classroom).

On the other hand, the proposed merger by incorporation of the subsidiaries operating in the SIPI and SIIAR water sector into SISI was unanimous. "With this operation - explained the councilor Fogliato - the Municipality of Bra fulfills its obligations to streamline its holdings, simplifying the overall picture and governance, as well as becoming a qualified partner in a reality that will be increasingly central to the policies territory water ".

The City Council of Bra has finally approved, with 13 votes in favor and one abstention, the approval of the new scheme of statute of the Ente Turismo Langhe Monferrato and Roero that, besides to introduce necessary normative adjustments, sees the entry in the Atl also of Asti and of the Monferrato, unifying in fact in only one Entity all the Unesco territory.

The entire session and discussion of all the items on the agenda are available on video on the You Tube channel of the Municipality of Bra (@comunebra). (Em)

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