They will start in mid-September (presumably the 17, without prejudice to the latest technical checks) the works in via Cherasco in Bra, operated by the Scr Piemonte company in collaboration with the Province of Cuneo, owner of the road section. The intervention, with a planned duration of about two and a half months, will concern the extension and consolidation of the 661 provincial roadway, starting from the end of the Bra descent and up to the Cherasco railway overpass.

The road will be managed with the establishment of the one-way uphill, from Cherasco in the direction of Bra; compatibly with the needs of the building site, only the residents of the stretch concerned will be allowed access to the dwellings.

After this first tranche of intervention, the works relating to the roundabout at the intersection between via Cherasco and via Cuneo will be scheduled. (Em)

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