Also this year, as usual, the Ferragosto in Bra is full of beauty and culture, with the extraordinary opening and free public civic museums and an exciting evening show dedicated to multivision.

Wednesday 15 August 2018 the museum of natural history "Craveri" (via Craveri 15) and the Toy Museum (in via Ernesto Guala 45) will be open from 10 to 12.30 and from 15 to 18, the civic museum of art, history and archeology of Palazzo Traversa (in via Parpera 4) from 15 to 18, while the "Zizzola - Casa dei Braidesi" (in Fey 1 street), will be open from 11 to 19, with a continuous schedule and the possibility to enjoy also temporary exhibitions in the structure and in the park.

To conclude the day of celebration in museums, the show with free entry "The emotions of multivision", scheduled at 21 in the garden of "Craveri". The work, curated by Roberto Tibaldi of the Immaginare di Bra studio, will show nine works by members of the Italian Association of Authors of Multivision Artists (AIDAMA), for an immersive journey through images and music that will lead those present on the moors lashed by the wind of Patagonia, in the desert regions on the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea, in areas of sea, mountain or war, until arriving in the maze of the heart and emotions, with the clips "So close, so far", "In the eyes of mother "and" La vie est émotions ".

In case of bad weather, the event will be held in the Church of Bescurone, in Viale Industria 2. For more information, contact the civic museum "Craveri" at 0172.412010. (Em)

"The emotions of multivision" - program:

The windswept land - Wings Platinum 16: 9, 11 min. Di Fulvio BELTRANDO

The end of the world is in Patagonia: a stage where uncontaminated nature is the only protagonist, in a landscape that has been that way for centuries. What they saw first Magellan and then Darwin is still there, motionless, silent. In the southern hemisphere, between the 40 and 50 degrees of latitude is autumn. The roaring 40, strong western winds hit the Andes chain, giving rise to spectacularly shaped clouds that enrich even more the already extraordinary landscapes of the Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre mountains

The land of the devil - Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 8 minutes of Claudio TUTI

Dancalia is a desert and volcanic region on the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is located at 150 meters below sea level, at the gates of hell. It is one of the most torrid and inhospitable places on the planet and is the territory of the legendary Afar population, famous for their warlike and proud character

Mother's eyes - Wings Platinum 2,35: 1- 13 minutes by Giorgio CIVIDAL

In the eyes of a mother you can see red, white and ... In the eyes of a mother you can see the real pain ... Freedom has a cost ... In the eyes of a mother you can see the price to pay. Images by Enzo Pasqualetto - Medici di Emergency

Soldier mission - Wings Platinum 3: 2, 10,40 min by Giacomo CICCIOTTI

This multivision tells the story of Franco De Angelis, Caporal Major of the Italian Army. This young soldier has lived the experience of the peace mission in Afghanistan several times. "My skin has become camouflage" is the summary of his experience as a soldier.
The images taken by Mauro Galligani during 30 years of Italian Army missions are the background to this story.

So close, so far - Wings Platinum 2,35: 1- 8,40 minutes of Claudio TUTI

A journey almost always allows you to get out of the circle of prejudices, but on the way back you are always ready to return.

The song of the deer in love - Wings Platinum 16: 9, 6,35 min by Fulvio BELTRANDO

At the beginning of autumn, the roar of the deer echoes in our mountains. Males gradually emerge from the thick woods, grouping females and defend the right to mate by issuing these ancestral sounds to try to keep away the other males, but when this is no longer enough recur to the physical battle, stage against stage, horns against horns.

Run Art - Wings Platinum 16: 9, 5,35 min by Edoardo TETTAMANZI

The images by Silvia D'Ambrosio of a popular event, COLOR RUN, are inserted in a context of works of art by painters who have had the color as the main inspiration for their works

La vie est émotions - Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 7,40 minutes by Roberto TIBALDI

At the Sahara Festival of Douz, in the south of Tunisia, a mix of colors, sounds and sensations of ancient cultures are mixed with new technologies: the Berber knights now armed with smartphones, the raids of off-road vehicles and motorcycles compete with the horses and dromedaries ... La vie est émotions! Images by Roberto Tibaldi

Why it's easier to die - Wings Platinum 2,35: 1, 4,15 minutes by Roberto TIBALDI

How does a mountain photographer retaliate when his wife forces him to a weekend at the seaside in Liguria? Images by Roberto Tibaldi, music by Randolph Matthews

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