Antonio Albanese is the director and protagonist of "Contromano", the film scheduled for Thursday 9 in August 2018 from 21,30 in Riva di Bra for the traveling cinema exhibition "Periferia cuore della città". The popular comedian plays Mario Cavallaro, a Milanese merchant who splits his stockings and the terrace of the house where he grows the garden. His daily trantran is upset when he suffers the competition from Oba, a Senegalese socks vendor. Cavallaro then put in place a plan to resolve the impasse: he embarked on a trip by car to report, against his will, Oba in Africa. Opening the evening will be the screening of a fragment of an interview with Eugenio Bailo that tells how the threshing of wheat in the countryside of Braido took place in the past. The short film, by Fabio Bailo, the Culture Editor, is made with audiovisual materials drawn from the archives of the Historical Institute of Bra and of the Braidesi.

The review "Heart of the city" continues throughout the month of August. Thursday 16 August in Piazza Giolitti you can see the biopic film "The young Karl Marx" (by Raul Peck). Tuesday 21 August, however, is scheduled to recover the projection, previously canceled due to bad weather, in San Michele fraction: from 21.30, on the big screen "All the world's money" preceded by a video-testimony by Piero Fraire dedicated to "utin" "On the hills around Bra. The 23 in August at Madonna Fiori you can see the cartoon "Coco" and the 30 "The darkest hour" (by Joe Wright) in Pollenzo. The 6 September is scheduled for the evening "Film music": in the courtyard of Palazzo Garrone, by 21,30, the city band "Giuseppe Verdi" will play live Italian and foreign soundtracks, including pieces by Ennio Morricone and John Williams and many others, while the fragments of the films will be projected. Closes the review, the September 12, the recovery of the screening at San Matteo (canceled in July for rain): at 21.30 you can see "At home all good".
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