The approval of the simplified version to the PRGC in force under the regional law 56 / 77 for the expansion of the Arpa Industriale Spa, a clear stance on the completion of the Asti-Cuneo motorway and a unanimous motion for the restoration of the the court of Alba and the office of the Justice of the Peace at Bra were the main themes of the municipal council held Monday 30 July 2018 in the hall "Achille Carando" of the Municipal Palace of Bra.

With a reversal of the agenda, the meeting has primarily dealt with the simplified variant on the current regulatory plan linked to the building permit of the Industrial Arpa, relating to changes to the location of the public car park to service the business with location along Corso Monviso, between the urban cemetery and the sports complex. The intervention, aimed at "rationalizing the space available for the activity to optimize the production cycle and improving accessibility to the company from public traffic, thus ensuring a rational usability of the area", concerns a standard of almost 8 thousand square meters (compared to 5 thousand due in law enforcement) to total public use, used for parking and green area and 7 days available on 7, with maintenance paid by the company, which maintains the ownership of area. "A process in which the public interest is combined with private interest and that reaffirms the company's willingness to invest in the territory, with important developments also in terms of jobs - commented Mayor Bruna Sibille -. In this sense, the approval of the simplified variant for the expansion of production activities is a concrete tool with which the Administration gives its support to the employment issue ". Unanimous consent of the present councilors, who also applaud the shift of heavy traffic from via Piumati to via Monviso, with positive effects both on the road network near the center and in environmental terms.

The age-old question concerning the Asti-Cuneo involves the municipal council in a long confrontation, which converges in the transformation of the related questioning signed by the Forza Italia and Somaglia council groups for Bra into an impulse motion, for "a strong stance It is clear that the Government, in the person of the Minister of Infrastructures Toninelli, decides to proceed quickly and efficiently to start the work of the missing lots of A33 "and to support initiatives and mobilizations aimed at the release of works to complete the work . The debate, stimulated by the interrogation of the Somaglia councilors, Ellena and Marengo, is inspired by the recent news of an alleged downgrading of the work and a new stop to work, then denied by Minister Toninelli. "The completion of the A33, a work we are expecting from 30 years, is one of the most urgent problems for the territory and would allow the braidese a considerable reduction in heavy traffic. It is advisable that there be firm positions ", commented the director Massimo Somaglia, asking for the transformation of the motion to be taken, with immediate discussion. Contrary to the proposal the councilor Claudio Allasia (5 Movement Stars Bra), which considers the issue "purely instrumental. The work was born wrong - he says - with a senseless management during the last 20 years. Appealing to a situation of urgency, less than 100 days from the establishment of the current Government, is mystifying reality. In previous legislatures, no one rose against promises (or hoaxes) that were announced. Especially since there is no blocking of the process, as feared, but the declared support for the best solution in terms of efficiency, in the capacity of the existing problems. The necessary step now is the search for an agreement with the dealer, without forgetting the knot of complementary works ". "The mobilization for Asti-Cuneo has begun some time ago and continues on this line - replies the Mayor Sibille, who communicates the recent meeting in Rome, together with the regional councilor Balocco and the senator Marco Perosino, who will follow the 4 next September the direct confrontation with Minister Danilo Toninelli -. The section that must be finished is the result of a contract and the commitments must be respected. Only the unity of this territory towards a fundamental common objective will allow the solution of the question ".

Councilors Tripodi and Panero (Bra Tomorrow) were also in favor of the motion for a motion, whose text was agreed among the group leaders during a brief suspension of the council, which underline how urgent the situation exists for over 20 years, underlining " the absence of instrumentalisation in a battle that requires the mobilization of all political forces, without distinction or colors ", also urging" a more comprehensive vision of territorial problems ". The motion is approved with 13 votes in favor, 1 voting against.

Instead, the motion that asks the Ministry of Justice unanimously "to review, in the framework of the hoped-for review of the judicial geography, the request for reconstitution of the Court of Alba and the Justice of Peace of Bra".

During the session, the questions posed by the councilors to the mayor and the council are also discussed, including the requests of the Forza Italia and Somaglia groups for Bra on: the state of progress of the process for the possible construction of a school complex in via Trento and Trieste, in relation to which the Mayor announces that projects are being carried out to check whether the area proposed by RFI Spa, which owns the identified area, is adequate for the development of a school complex with innovative features; in the presence of a tender for the assignment of Palazzo Garrone (still partially occupied by files of the Court of Asti) and intentions for the management of the Movicentro, for which the Administration deems appropriate to favor the presentation by third parties of projects in public-private partnerships, thereby evaluating the existence of the public interest; the restoration of the signs of Piazza Carlo Alberto, which will be carried out in the coming weeks, and the safety of the intersection via Cuneo-Corso IV Novembre, with a proposal to station municipal police officers in the most critical hours to regulate traffic and dilute the queues . The 5 Movement Bra star group instead questioned the Board on the regularity of the application of the new waste management regulations, specifically with respect to the possible incompatibility between the tax nature of Tari and additional charges to users, and on the willingness to proceed in the definition of a project of a specific tariff system. "The management model proposed by the Municipality of Bra with its regulation goes in the direction of ensuring elements of correspondence, with additional services due by those who use it and which will not be borne by the entire community - said Councilor Cravero -. We are not talking about the application of the punctual tariff, but it is a step that goes in that direction and a mechanism that essentially captures the objectives, that is the reduction of the quantities produced in the assignment to the public disposal service. The virtuous user, which falls within the types set by the parameters of potential waste production, will not have additional costs in addition to the payment of the Tari ".

As always, the entire meeting of the City Council of Bra is visionable on the @comunebra Youtube channel. (Em)

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