"Victoria and Abdul", the film by Stephen Frears that tells the friendship between the English queen and an Indian employee, will be screened Thursday 2 on August 2018 in via Sobrero in Bra. It is the seventh stage of the traveling exhibition of open-air cinema "Periferia cuore della città" which punctuates the whole of the summer of Brač, between neighborhoods and hamlets. Based on the book of the same name by Shrabani Basu, the film tells the special relationship of friendship, confidence and cultural comparison that characterized the last years of life of the Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of the Indies. Based on a true story, of which many historical testimonies have been canceled because it is invisible to the royal family, Frears's work traces the story of the young Indian Abdul Karim arrived at the court in his early twenties as a waiter and became a servant, secretary and "master" spiritual "of the most powerful sovereign of the whole nineteenth century.

The review "Heart of the city" continues in Riva, the 9 in August with "Contro Mano" (by and with Antonio Albanese), the 16 in August in Piazza Giolitti with "The young Karl Marx" (by Raul Peck). The 23 August, at Madonna Fiori, will screen the animated film "Coco" and the 30 "The darkest hour" (by Joe Wright) in Pollenzo. The screening of each film is preceded by a theme short. The 6 September, however, to close the show there will be the evening "Film Music" in the courtyard of Palazzo Garrone, from 21,30 with the city band "Giuseppe Verdi".

Films start after 21.30. Free entry and seats until exhaustion. More information on www.turismoinbra.it. (it's at)
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