The cinema under the stars of the Braidese review "Heart of the city" arrives in Bandito: Thursday 19 July 2018 in the square of the station (Piazza Caduti and Disperse of all wars) goes on stage "Ella & John", film by Paolo Virzì, with two Academy Awards as protagonists.

Married for many years, Ella and John (played by Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland) are a solid and accomplice couple: he is a former university professor suffering from Alzheimer's, she is bruised but very lucid. One day they decide to get on their camper, called The Leisure Seeker, and embark on a journey that takes them away from a near future made up of medical care and ever greater interference from their now adult children.

Opening the evening will be the screening of the short film "Tajarin" by Giacomo Piumatti. The "tajarin" are typical tagliatelle of the lower Piedmont and those of Maria Pagliasso have become legendary for their realization. Maria was the cook of Boccondivino, a historic osteria where in the eighties Slow Food was born, an international movement for the defense of "good, clean and fair" food. Today at Boccondivino those legendary "Tajarin" are made and cooked by a multicultural kitchen brigade formed by immigrants in Italy in search of a better future. The documentary film interweaves the story of Maria Pagliasso, cook who left an important mark in the Piedmontese cuisine, to that of the new "boccondivino" workers who, despite their status as "foreigners", have learned with respect and passion the traditional recipes Piemontese, realizing them with the philosophy of Slow Food. The film talks about food as an element that goes beyond the barriers of xenophobia and territorial boundaries.

The review "Heart of the city" continues throughout the summer: the 26 July is "A casa tutti bene" (directed by Gabriele Muccino, with Stefano Accorsi) in San Matteo, the 2 August "Victoria and Abdul" ( directed by Stephen Frears) in via Sobrero. At Riva, the 9 August, will be screened "Against Hand" (by and with Antonio Albanese), the 16 on August in Piazza Giolitti "The young Karl Marx" (by Raul Peck). The 23, with the animated film "Coco", in Madonna Fiori and the 30 with "L'ora più buia" (by Joe Wright) in Pollenzo, closes at the end of August. The 6 September, however, there will be the evening "Film Music": in the courtyard of Palazzo Garrone, from the 21,30, the city band "Giuseppe Verdi" will play famous Italian and foreign soundtracks, including songs by Ennio Morricone and John Williams and many others, while the fragments of the films will be projected.

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