In view of the permanent census of the 2018-2021 population and housing, which will take place in October of this year, the municipal administration of Bra has announced a selection procedure aimed at creating rankings for the assignment of the temporary assignment for the role of detector (7 figure) and back office operator (up to 10 figures).

As foreseen by the Istat General Census Plan, the tasks will be entrusted primarily to suitable municipal employees who meet the requirements to apply for participation; for units not covered by municipal employees, the assignment will be given to external parties who will present their candidacy, after verification of the requirements. An average gross remuneration will be paid on the basis of the resources allocated by Istat, proportional to the number of interviews and surveys assigned, as well as the number of operations completed and recorded in the census, starting from compulsory training until the recovery of no answers. The census operations will begin the 1 ° October and will end the 20 December 2018, except for extensions by the Istat.

The application must be submitted no later than 12 19 on Thursday 2018 July XNUMX to the Staff and Organization Office of the Municipality Bra, through the appropriate forms and according to the modalities specified in the selection notice, published in the "Personnel - Selections" section of the institutional website For more information contact the Census municipal office at 0172.438242, 438259 or 438203 numbers, e-mail:; PEC: (Em)

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