6 on July 2018 opens, at 18 in the frescoed rooms of Palazzo Mathis, in Bra, the personal exhibition of paintings by the artist Franco Gotta, open to admission free until the end of the month. The vernissage, with speeches by the mayor Bruna Sibille and the culture councilor Fabio Bailo, provides for the presentation of the thematic exhibition of the works of the artist from Braida, reading poetry and musical interludes by harpist Martina Perugia. Presents Fiorella Nemolis.

Franco Gotta, an expressionist painter, has been dedicated to art for over thirty years. "A life full of color, like his artistic canvases, where before any other stylistic element, wins and exalts color, expression of life and passion, which must explode inside each of us - we read in the presentation of exhibition signed by Matteo Gotta -. His pictorial art is certainly a metaphysical poetics, intent on creating suggestions of the ego. Gotta conveys, with great intuition, moods experienced in his pictorial works, arousing emotional observance to the observer's eye. The color impregnated in his works is a "totem" of energy and power that gives relief to the torments of the human soul, and his art always develops in the direction of passion, love and sentiment ". During his career, Gotta has exhibited in Italy and in Europe, as well as in Tokyo and New York.

After bringing his art around the world, a welcome return to the city that gave him birth: "Bra - commented Mayor Bruna Sibille - is pleased to offer an additional space to those who, with love, often portrayed this territory with moving sentimental transport and remarkable artistic ability ".

The exhibition "Franco Gotta presents his works" can be visited free of charge from Monday to Friday on 9-12.30 and 15-18, on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 to 12.30. More information on www.turismoinbra.it or by contacting the Tourism and Culture Office of the City of Bra at 0172.430185. (Em)

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