A special guided tour of the collections of the Craveri Civic Museum of Natural History in Bra and a dip in music. Appointment with "Families at the Museum", Sunday 10 June 2018 for an afternoon free admission, from 15,30: the museum's guides will lead visitors to discover the rooms dedicated to nature, fauna, flora, mineralogy and the territory. Furthermore, in the pleasant setting of the garden, the "4emotions - Classic & Pop Quartet" musical training will be hosted: the group, formed by Davide Viberti, Lorenzo Conforto, Giulia Negro and Francesco Testa, will be available to the children to satisfy all their curiosities about musical instruments (guitar, violin, transverse flute and piano). Starting from 17, the artists will offer the public a concert that combines great contemporary music with classical sounds. During the afternoon, free offers will be collected in favor of the Ettore Molinaro Association - Amici di Santa Chiara and Bernardo Vittone. More information on the www.turismoinbra.it website.

Info: Bra City - Craveri Museum
tel. 0172.412010 - craveri@comune.bra.cn.it