The 2D class of the first grade secondary school "G. Feathers "of the comprehensive Bra 1 Institute was received by the municipal council of Bra Tuesday 15 May 2018. Mayor Bruna Sibille and the councilors congratulated the boys and the teachers who won the first prize in the "About walls" competition promoted by the Nuto Revelli Foundation in Cuneo. The students conceived, interpreted and produced a video on the theme of bullying and the junta explained: "It was a very significant experience that the whole class made between laughter, commitment and teamwork. The idea is that walls are a symbol of isolation and communication difficulties both for the bully and for the bulled, but they can be broken down ". The students were taken to the town hall by the professors Paola Canelli, Irene Penserini and Assunta Lamberto. Mayor Sibille commented: "We are happy when we get good news from the school and good examples like this".

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