It addresses the role of women in governance positions, as an opportunity for full recognition of skills and competences, but also for a better performance for companies, the book "Women and management: a question of opportunities", which will be presented to Bra, in "Achille Carando" hall of the Town Hall (Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, 14) Thursday 24 May 2018 at 18.

After the greetings of the Mayor Bruna Sibille, the journalist and director of the weekly "La Bisalta" Rosaria Ravasio will interview the authors Monica Andriolo and Milena Viassone.

"The path of equality and equality of opportunity between women and men concerns different areas: work, business, career, administrative and political representation, as well as civil life and access to and enjoyment of social rights - explain the authors -. The presence of a well-structured and governed production and corporate system allows not only the creation of a more balanced context, but also the development of a more balanced development. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to grasp and make the best use of the various capacities and possible solutions touch many aspects. In this rich and multifaceted context, the business organization, management and corporate governance represent fields of fundamental attention ".

Monica Andriolo from 1997 deals with equal opportunities, with experiences of: training and awareness of equal gender opportunities; drafting of research reports and policy planning; evaluation of policies, programs, projects, with particular attention to gender impact assessment; accompaniment to the drafting of Social Reports and Gender Budgets; project coordination and management. Since 2017 is President of the Association "The Rose and the Gray", which proposes the intergenerational transition as a tool to enhance the professionalism and career of women.

Milena Viassone, associate professor of Economics and Business Management at the University of Turin and Coordinator of the Campus of Management and Economics of the University of Turin, based in Cuneo, is a member of the ESCP Europe international research group (Paris) on the subject of "Développement International de l'entreprise, of the international research group EuroMed on Tourism and of the Study and Attention Group (GSA) Aidea on" Management for the sustainability of tourism development and the competitiveness of destinations ". He is a member of the Editorial Committee of qualified international journals and author of monographs and contributions on important national and international scientific journals.

The meeting is open to all, with free admission. (Em)

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