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Bra differentiates, and it does well: the official data communicated by the Piedmont Region attest that the differentiated waste collection in the city has reached 70,4%, confirming the strong growth trend of the last few years already in 2016 - four years in advance and a percentage of 66,8% -, saw the city of Zizzola far beyond the 65% recycling targets set by the European Union for 2020. Bra performing not only in terms of the amount of waste collected in different ways, but also for the per-capita production of undifferentiated, which falls from 177 kilograms per inhabitant of 2016 to 166 in 2017, centering the target set by the Regional Management Plan urban waste of the Piedmont Region for the current year (quota not exceeding 190 kg / inhabitant) and approaching 2020 159 kilograms per capita well in advance.

"Data that place our city among the most virtuous in the province and that give reason to the actions carried out by the Administration - commented the Mayor Bruna Sibille and the Environment Councilor Sara Cravero -. In recent years the growth in separate waste collection has been significant and constant, going from 59,7% of 2014 to the current 70,4%: a result we are proud of, the result of the commitment of receptive citizens and attentive to awareness actions aimed at respect of the urban environment and hygiene of our city, but also of targeted controls, a visionary political vision and an effective service ". (Em)

Info: Bra City - Public Waste Services Office

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