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Every year, in the period from March to October, millions of Italians suffer from various types of allergies. One of the essences whose pollen causes strong respiratory symptoms to allergic individuals is the Ambrosia Artemisiifolia, an infesting plant of American origin that blooms between August and October, remarkably widespread in the territory, especially in uncultivated land, abandoned green areas or abandoned industrial sites, construction sites , road edges, railway tracks, ditches and in general all abandoned areas, as well as fields cultivated with sparse sowing such as sunflowers and soybeans. A single plant can produce from 3.000 to 60.000 seeds, which can maintain their germination up to 40 years.

The Municipality of Bra, incorporating the recent note of the Piedmont Region on the prevention of allergopathies, issued an ordinance for the preparation of appropriate initiatives aimed at limiting the disturbances caused by the dispersion of the Ambrosia pollen and to counteract the spread of the plant through mowing operations. The provision commits the owners and / or drivers of uncultivated agricultural areas, of uncultivated green or disused industrial urban areas, the managers of building and road construction sites, the administrators of the buildings and the owners of areas not generally built, to supervise the eventuality presence of Ambrosia in the areas of their pertinence and to proceed to the physical eradication if the plant is found in small number or to perform mowing, to be repeated several times in order to prevent flowering, in case of more extensive infestation. Both operations must be performed within the third decade of June. Only in the case that methods that respect the environment are impracticable (for example grubbing, cutting, pirodiserbo, chopping, cutting, harrowing, plowing, milling, mulching) is allowed the treatment of these areas with suitable herbicide, in compliance with the provisions of the Ministry Decree of 22 Agricultural and Forestry Policies January 2014 and Deliberation of the Regional Council 20 June 2016, n. 25-3509. In the event of non-compliance, penalties are imposed from 25 euro to 500 euro.

More information by contacting the Environment Office of the City of Bra, by consulting the website or the section Health / prevention and promotion of the health of bringing the Piedmont Region (Em)

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