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Frontal in via Sobrero

Violent frontal clash yesterday afternoon in via Sobrero in Bra, between a Peugeot 206 and an Alfa Romeo 156. On the spot, the patrol of the municipal police in Bra immediately arrived to carry out the surveys and ascertain the responsibilities. The driver of the 206 was rescued by the ambulance of the Health Assistance and transported to the Santo Spirito Hospital, where he was recoverable in 10 days. The Braidesi Agents have seized the 156, as it has no insurance.

Deceased the pedestrian invested in Pollenzo

This morning the pedestrian invested in Bra, a small town of Pollenzo, on the Burdina Road Crash died at the Santa Croce Hospital in Cuneo. The man, after the accident, had been transported to Cuneo because of his serious condition. The municipal police emergency patrol, immediately arrived at the spot, had taken steps to complete the case; of the fact had been communicated to the Attorney of the Republic of Asti. (Municipal Police Bra)

Info: City of Bra - Municipal Police

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