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Summer still seems far away but the Marina Colony of Bra in Laigueglia is ready! This year, for the third consecutive year under the management of the social cooperative Alice of Alba, we start with a novelty: opening for the 2018 Easter holidays.

There are places in heated rooms to spend a week or even just a weekend and enjoy the first sunny days at sea. The rates, for the period between April and late May, will be those of the low season. With the B & B service the base rate is € 44 per person per day, with discounts for 65 over age or for groups with more than 10 people. It will also be possible to choose the full board that includes accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner (50 euro in low season). The private beach will be available to customers, but will not be present the equipment and surveillance service wetting, which will resume from the first of June for the entire bathing season.

The rates are unchanged compared to last season and can already be consulted on the Cologne website or on the Facebook page. Reservations for this period are possible by calling 366 627 4603, or by writing to the email follow any news, simply connect to the Facebook page "Colonia Marina di Bra" or to the site

Bookings for the summer season (June / September) will open the 24 March with the usual pre-emption for the citizens of Brač. The appointment (repeated on Saturday 12 May) is from 8,30 to 13 in the conference room of the "G. Arpino" Multifunctional Center in Bra.

For information:
366 627 4603 (from 14,30 to 18)
Facebook: Colonia Marina of Bra


  • Latest news

    Direct line with the municipal building.  

  • Publication of 2001 year leverage lists

    The list of names of young people included in the list of locks of birth in the year 2001, which consists of n. 129 members, is published on the institutional website and filed from today (1 February 2018) in the Leva Office of this Municipality, up to 15 February pv

  • 2017 nursery bonus: information for newcomers

    For families who apply Bonus Nursery 2017, supplied by INPS, the Asylum communal nest of Bra (the headquarters in Via Caduti del Lavoro), releases of insertion statements in the child's ranking required to submit questions for children who still do not attend the nest. For info and inquiries . Please note that bonus applications can be submitted by accessing the on-line telematic services; by calling the inbound 803 164 (free fixed line) or 06 164 164 mobile number; by contacting Patronati or other authorized intermediaries.

  • BDAP - Public Administration Data Bank: part of job part

    It is possible to access the information that our Municipality has sent to the BDAP (Ministry of Economy and Finance Ministry of Public Accounts) under the dlgs 229 / 2011 and in accordance with the terms of DM 26 / 02 / 2013. Below is the Bra Commune link to access the BDAP: Municipality of Bra / BDAP .      

  • ZTL historical center: access modules

    They are about to start using the cameras of access to the Ztl of the Old Town. Residents, car park holders, workers and other persons who, according to the relevant order, may access the area, must report to the municipal police the data of their vehicles. Forms to request access.

  • Obligation to clean ditches and private roads

    A municipal ordinance requires the cleaning of ditches and private roads to the owners of buildings and lands overlooking prosperous municipal or neighboring roads. The reason: to prevent stagnation of water on the road and regular runoff. The sanction can reach up to EUR 500. The news.