It led to the approval of the proposed resolutions on the agenda - the first change to the provisional budget 2018 / 2020 and a simplified variant to the general regulatory plan-, the joint sitting of the municipal council of Bra on Thursday 15 February 2018, in which questions and two motion motions were also discussed (see dedicated press release).

It focuses on the subject of certain and expected contributions, both relative to the investments and to the current expenditure of the forecast budget approved last December, the first budget variation voted by the assembly held in the council hall of the Town Hall (10 votes in favor, 5 abstentions). Among the most relevant items, 60 thousand euros for the construction of the new electrical system of the civic library, the displacement of 50 thousand euros for the maintenance of sports buildings (in particular, for the integration of expenses related to the project for the athletics and soccer field), the inclusion of the request for the contribution of 3 millions of euro on state funds (with the relative cancellation of the previous item already entered in the three-year period) as part of the extensive tender for the redevelopment of the suburbs and the contribution of the Region Piedmont of 40 thousand euros for the maintenance of the Teatro Politeama Boglione. "In this way 20 thousand euros of urbanization costs are released, returning to finance the investments, going to increase the chapter on the maintenance of the school facilities - explained the commissioner for the budget Gianni Fogliato -. A commitment that we have taken and that starts with this first budget change, in favor of new works for our city ". From the minority, Roberto Marengo raises concerns about the maintenance of sports facilities, "not respectful to the work itself, positive, but relative to the opportunity: we waited until today, it would not have been possible to wait again to participate in another call for tenders , maybe winning and saving on mortgage interest rates? ". Councilor Claudio Allasia asks "to think primarily of spaces that are as free as possible in a free form," also recalling the request made to the Administration a few months ago by a group of boys to have a skateboard in the city. "Free access to structures and participatory planning for peripheral upgrading in Bescurone" is also requested by the councilor Abderrahmane Amajou. Regarding the intervention on the slaughterhouse in the framework of the announcement on the outskirts, the director Davide Tripodi comments that "it would serve a little 'vision, remembering the presence" of other structures in the city (such as the multi-purpose center and the center of gravity) that for some needs already serve the objectives of the new project "and raising questions also with respect to future management and related costs. Marco Ellena, positively judging the whole line of interventions, points out that "in the project one could have inserted something also for the inter-parish retired center and for the historical archive".

13 is then approved in favor and 1 abstained the first simplified variant to the PRGC in force under the Regional Law 56 / 77, relating to a request for enlargement presented by an agricultural enterprise, in order to accommodate a greater number of leaders livestock and at the same time safeguard animal welfare.

During the municipal council of 15 February were also discussed questions related to the recovery plan of the building located at the confluence of Via Vittorio Emanuele II and Via Fratelli Carando (Allasia proposer), at the Interparochial Center Pensionati (proponents Tripodi, Panero, Somaglia, Ellena and Marengo) and maintenance of the cycle paths and surrounding areas (Tripodi, Panero, Somaglia, Ellena and Marengo proponents). Compared to two questions related to the issue of waste, one signed by Claudio Allasia and the other presented by Tripodi, Panero, Somaglia, Ellena and Marengo, was accepted (9 in favor, 2 opposed, with the exit from the advisors Panero, Ellena, Tripodi and Marengo) the suspension proposal of the President of the City Council Biagio Conterno, advanced for reasons related to the temporal coincidence with the tender for the assignment of the service (expiring the next 23 February), "in order to protect the proponents and the entire collegiate body towards any type of possible interference with the proceeding still in progress ". A choice, as also explained the general secretary Claudio Chianese in formulating his positive opinion to the proposal, "functional to the good performance of the administrative activity, to the respect of the secrecy of the offered offers and the principle of non-competition". Perplexity by the minority who, taking note of the decision, would still have preferred an immediate response avoiding sensitive points. The discussion of the two questions will take place following the expiry of the submission of tenders.

The whole session and the articulated discussion of all the items on the agenda are available in video on You Tube channel of the Municipality of Bra. (Em)

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